5 types of vegetables that ripen quickly in the spring


Radish is a classic early vegetable. They only need six weeks outdoors before they are big enough to eat. With a cold frame, the time can be reduced to four to five weeks. Radishes are sown. Pre-cultivation is not beneficial. Important: There are many delicious radish varieties, but not all are suitable for early cultivation. “Saxa”, “Marika” or “Corundum” are recommended.

And since fresh greens are very tasty and valuable, it is better not to throw away half of them. This too Radish greens are edible. For example, in a soup or as a pesto – just puree with a handful of nuts, a little parmesan and oil.


Regardless of whether it’s lettuce, lollo rosso, or rocket, lettuce does well even at lower temperatures and thrives in a cold environment. Lettuce is not sown. Instead of them, young plants are placed on the bed. There they are ready for collection in about four weeks. Without a cold frame, it takes about two weeks longer. A tip from horticulturist Martin Krumbein of the Horticultural Research Institute Erfurt: build a part in the cold frame and a part next to it. So fresh salads are available for a long time. The same applies here: if you grow young plants yourself, then when choosing seeds, you should definitely pay attention to varieties suitable for early spring.


Kohlrabi goes very well with radish and salad. They can be sown all year round. To obtain an early harvest, they are planted on the bed with small seedlings at the end of March or at the beginning of April. Harvest time comes after about seven weeks in a cold room, after nine weeks outdoors. However, this applies only to small, fast-growing varieties. Large varieties such as ‘Gigant’ or ‘Super Schmelz’ require a little more time.


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