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At Teambuilding Labs, we are constantly innovating an easier process for teambuilding activities in Singapore for everyone.

About teambuilding labs

Teambuilding Labs was founded by 4 young Singaporeans to elevate the quality of team building activities in Singapore by experimenting and adapting novel ideas to become team building activities. 

We are always on the look out for unique activities to bring quality experience to our clients’ team building requests. 

We don’t see ourselves as events vendor or team building gurus. We simply find ourselves constantly curating activities and transform them into team building activities that anybody can enjoy. Find out more about us!

For clients

Expansion Of Options

Tapping on the myriad of university level CCAs and small businesses available, you can enjoy new and enhanced team building activities

Revamped Pricing

Activities conducted by student clubs and small businesses will be more affordable. We are operating on a lean model which benefits you in cost-savings.

Done-For-You Services

Simply browse and choose from our selection of activities and pick it. Thereafter, we will do the heavy lifting from the venue to arrangements with the vendors.

for business/student clubs

Additional Revenue Streams

Transferable skill sets are an untapped stream of revenue for many entities. We provide you the opportunity to sell your brand, products and skills.


By opening yourself out to companies engaging team building activities, you can stand to gain exposure and connections to all fields of work

Easy Opportunities

Simply register with us and go through a process of vetting. Thereafter, start accepting our requests when a suitable client comes at your convenience.

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