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On the Ascension of the Lord “DAS!” The culinary studio once again treated us to delicious dishes. Presenter Bettina Tietjen and NDR television chef Rainer Sass start their menu with chicory, which literally leads a shadowy existence. Vegetables thrive in the dark, and because of their delicate bitterness, you can’t always find them in the first rows of vegetable shelves. This is wrong, because the light yellow tubers can be prepared in many ways and are full of vitamins and other healthy ingredients.

Stuffed chicory leaves as food

The fun culinary duo will use chicory leaves to prepare small appetizers filled with smoked salmon and paprika cream. There is also a spicy version with toasted whole wheat bread, parmesan cheese, nuts and orange vinaigrette.

Stewed lemon chicken

Rainer and Bettina then serve a Mediterranean Lemon Chicken Casserole. To do this, the poultry meat is divided into pieces and cooked together with citrus fruits. This gives the smoker a sour and spicy flavor at the same time. There are also fried mushrooms and glazed carrots.

Fruit crumble for dessert

When it comes to dessert, “DAS!” Kochstudio is colorful and fruity. Crumble with strawberry, mango and banana is on the menu. Sweet fruits are cut into cubes and baked in the oven with almond-butter crumbs.

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Stuffed chicory leaves arranged in a circle on a light-colored plate © NDR Photo: Florian Kruk

Leaves sprinkled with walnuts and croutons, smoked salmon and paprika cream are a great appetizer. more

Lemon chicken with mushrooms, carrots and sauce on a light plate © NDR Photo: Florian Kruk

For a Mediterranean stew, chicken is cooked with lemons and gives it acidity, piquancy and astringency. more

Crumble with banana, mango and strawberry on a white and blue plate © NDR Photo: Florian Kruk

For a fruit dessert, sweet fruit is cut into cubes and baked in the oven with almonds and creamy crumb. more

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Chef chopping parsley © © Esther Hildebrandt - Photo: Esther Hildebrandt

All recipes from NDR programs, video cooking school and tips on storing and preparing various dishes. more


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