Become self-sufficient – it’s easy with these tips!

There are many reasons to become self-sufficient. Do you want to make yourself more independent from the industry? Do you feel the current increase in food prices at your supermarket around the corner? Or do you want a balance between busy everyday life and more connection with nature? We’ll show you what tips and tricks you can use to start a more sustainable life as a self-sufficient individual.

It’s summer, and the neighbors have lush pots with herbs, tomatoes and lettuce on their balcony. In the courtyard, a garden has been created, on which various types of vegetables and berries grow. Why doesn’t everyone do that? Do-it-yourselfers are hobbyist gardeners, green minds, nature lovers and do-it-yourselfers. Everyone can become self-sufficient – whether in the country, with a large garden, or in the city with urban gardening, on a balcony or windowsill. with own cultivation food that Make strong and remodel everyone can integrate it into their daily life. You don’t need much to get started. So just try it!

Growing your own food – from cultivation to vegetable garden

Being self-sufficient doesn’t mean dropping out of school completely and never going to the supermarket again. But you can save your favorite vegetable, herb or fruit by letting them grow in a garden bed or in a pot on your balcony or in your own garden. if you try as self-sufficient first think about what you would like to eat or what you would like to include in your diet.

herbs is a great place to start growing your own. This is a children’s game with breeding sets. Small mini greenhouses respond to any windowsill. But you can also make one, for example an old egg carton use for growing seeds. With a sufficient amount of light and moisture, the seeds will germinate on the windowsill in a few days.

For balcony Tomato, strawberry, nasturtium or lettuce plants are also a good starting point in summer. Make sure you give the food enough room in the pot and good organic soil. Of course, if you have a patch of greenery in your garden, it makes sense to have a real one bed to create, or a raised bed Establish. There you can nurture and care for your favorite vegetables.

By the way, the bed does not necessarily have to be expensive. You can also easily make it yourself as a DIY project.

In addition to the benefits of growing your own food, you can be sure of this no pesticides stuck in your food From the ground to the plate – It couldn’t be healthier or more sustainable!

Self-supporters grow their own food ecologically and ecologically
The self-sufficient grow their own food ecologically and ecologically – on the balcony or in the garden. ((c) Waschbär GmbH)

Do you not have space and opportunities in the apartment for your own cultivation or do you prefer to plant directly on a large scale? Then the concept Urban gardening or City economy maybe you are more interested!

Urban gardening helps self-sufficient people to try

Beauty Urban gardening is that you can use your city and not necessarily resort to your own four walls. There are many such cities zones in parkspublic roof terraces or Beds in the city center to provide It also gives you the good feeling of meeting like-minded people and fosters a sustainable community.

Here’s how you use your homemade food

Especially when it comes to fresh food, it is often very unfortunate when it dies quickly. But there are several simple techniqueshow are you save your harvest maybe.

herbs good for example to freeze. Mint, rosemary or lemon balm can be crushed, put in ice molds, frozen, and then packed in summer lemonade in the form of aromatic ice cubes.

tomatoes and berries good for a bountiful harvest boil down on. Compote or jam can be stored for months. And isn’t it great to think that tomato sauce made from home-grown fruit can be used even in winter?

But it’s best if you collect what you want to eat at once. Tear up the lettuce, pick a few tomatoes and sprinkle some green basil from the windowsill or garden right into the salad. It doesn’t happen anymore!

Find tools for your self-sustaining garden

Raccoon is an online store of environmentally friendly goods with equipment and tips for self-sufficiency

Would you like to try yourself as a self-sufficient person? with eco-friendly online store Raccoon in addition to fashion, beauty and health, she developed home economics and life Garden theme is assumed You will find everything you need in the store Tools for your own self-sufficient garden. From a grow kit to a pot, there’s everything a self-sufficient heart could desire.

You can also find in Raccoon magazine more valuable DIY instructions and inspirationhow to plant your balcony or garden or how to properly store vegetables so they last longer.

With different Plant portraits, tutorials, workshops and webinars on the topic of garden knowledge, the raccoon completes an informative sentence. Just take a look and get inspired!

Make your own products – more tips from Raccoon

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