Boiling requirements in Bad Bergzabern: Drinking water is contaminated

Bad Bergzabern (evening/afternoon) – In the southern Palatinate communities of Pleisweiler-Oberhofen and Niederhorbach, citizens must boil their drinking water for safety reasons.

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Usual samples are taken

As part of routine sampling by the Association of Municipal Services Bad Bergzabern, it was found that the microbiological parameters of the drinking water in the water supply area of ​​the municipalities of Pleisweiler-Oberhofen and Niederhorbach exceed the limit value. Then the health department of Landau-Südliche Weinstrasse initiated the proposal to boil in the two affected local communities.

This means: in order to destroy pathogenic microorganisms, drinking water must be boiled intensively for a short time. This is especially necessary in the following cases:

• Drinking, making drinks (for example, ice cubes)
• Cooking
• Washing fruits, vegetables, salad and other products
• Medical purposes (e.g. wound cleaning, nasal irrigation)
• Brush your teeth
• Manual dishwashing
• Drinking water for sensitive animals

When is boiling necessary?

Boiling is not required for general cleaning, toilet flushing, dishwasher, shower or machine washing. Mineral water should be used for drinking and baby food until the contamination is completely eliminated.

chlorination of drinking water

In addition, the health department organized the accompanying chlorination of drinking water. Communal services are already conducting a related program of monitoring the quality of drinking water. They wash and chlorinate the local network. The boiling requirement is necessary until the contamination is removed. The public will be informed about this.
Microbiological parameters are microbes of fecal origin, a type of microbes that are widely distributed in nature, which serve as indicators of drinking water contamination. If you have any further questions, you can contact the Verbandsgemeindewerke Bad Bergzabern at 0172-8748603.

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