Chicken soup: What are the benefits of canned soups?

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What is the benefit of canned chicken soup?

When you have a cold, you need to sleep a lot, drink a lot and eat a lot of chicken soup. But preparation takes time. Therefore, the “Markt” program tested canned chicken soups. Are they good?

Nothing beats a hearty broth in the cold season. Of course, preparation takes time. Not everyone wants to stand at the stove for hours watching chicken soup cook. Nevertheless: in terms of taste, there is probably nothing better. But is it true? TV chef Tarik Rose tested five canned chicken soups for the NDR program “Markt”. Can they compete with homemade soup?

Manufacturers heat the contents of the can to a temperature of more than 100 degrees, so the soup is preserved and can be stored for several years. The following five canned soups were tested:

  1. Aldi Pottkieker Chicken Stew with Mussel Noodles for 85 cents per 800ml
  2. Lidl Coquette Chicken Noodle Pot for 85c
  3. Sonnen Bassermann chicken noodle stew for €1.95
  4. Erasco chicken noodle pot for €2.29
  5. Alnatura chicken noodle stew for €3.90

Lots of flavor, little chicken

The amazing thing about all canned soups is that they contain a lot of flavor but very little chicken. With the exception of Alnatura, where no flavorings are used. Flavorings are included to ensure a round and rich taste for several years. Lidl admit they don’t use chicken stock for their canned soup, but they do use chicken flavoring. In addition, canned soups contain a lot of salt. The daily norm recommended by the World Health Organization is six grams of salt per day. In the tested chicken soups, one serving covers almost the daily requirement: a plate of canned chicken soup already contains four grams of salt.

Canned chicken soup does not taste good

The taste of none of the soups impressed TV chef Tarik Rose. They smell greasy and taste like bouillon cubes. Alnatura tastes less artificial, but has a slightly weaker taste. This is because Alnatura does not use any artificial flavors. Conclusion? Nothing beats homemade chicken soup

You can read here how to do it at home!

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