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As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, a delicious soup is perfect for strengthening yourself from the inside out. Mary-Anne Kwong, manager of the Chinese restaurant Dim Sum Haus in Hamburg, recommends Chinese chicken soup with ginseng and goji berries for the cold season.
ginseng chicken soupGoji berries belong to the so-called superfoods, because they combine almost all vital nutrients. Hardly anyone knows that these berries have been part of Chinese cuisine and traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Ideally, the soup is made from free-range chicken. Chicken meat grown in conditions corresponding to the species, typical for the species, impeccable in smell and taste, juicy and tender in the mouth. bite. If you like something even more exclusive, you can make silken chicken soup. This breed has a dark complexion that darkens even more when cooked. The Chinese even offer silken chicken meat as a delicacy and still attribute healing effects to chicken meat due to its strong pigmentation and process various parts of the silken chicken into all kinds of medicines.

Chicken soup with ginseng herbs

Color also plays an important role in ginseng herbs: the American fruit of the plant is yellow, while the Korean fruit is dark red or brown. Which plant to use for soup is up to you. In combination with bright red vitamin bombs and sweet-tasting goji berries, the soup becomes an unforgettable taste. The icing on the cake is the olive-sized zizypus fruit, which is said to have healing properties and has a refreshing sour taste.

According to the yin and yang nutritional theory of Chinese cuisine (yin means cold and yang means heat, but this does not describe temperature properties). Should we eat yang food before the autumn and winter season to strengthen the immune system with a lot of nutrients. Prevention of colds, etc. One of them is Chinese ginseng soup.

Ingredients for chicken soup with ginseng (for 4 servings)

1 chicken (free range)
10 grams of Korean (or American) ginseng (Asia Supermarket)
10 dried zizypus (Chinese: hong zao) or Chinese dates (Asian supermarket)
2 teaspoons goji berries or wolfberries (Chinese: gou qi zi) (Asian supermarket)
2 teaspoons of salt
Water (the ratio of water to chicken should be 50/50. 1 kg of chicken = 1 liter of soup), otherwise the soup will be thin and not rich/concentrated enough.

Cooking chicken soup

First, cut the chicken into 8 equal pieces. Then put the chicken in boiling water (about 2 liters) and let it cook for about five minutes.

Remove the chicken from the water, rinse the pieces of meat well under cold water. Cold water removes excess fat and equals the cleaning process so that the broth is clear later.

Wash the fruits of ginseng, zizyfus and goji and put them in boiling water together with the meat. Increase the heat to bring the water back to a boil. Then reduce the heat and let everything boil for two hours stew to allow The water/meat ratio should be 50/50.

Salt the soup to taste and savor.

Bon appetit!


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