Churches advertise lettuce seeds

In these days, letters will again be distributed to all evangelical families of congregations. The motto of this year’s charity campaign is: “Here’s a salad for you – so that the church in the village remains.” A piece of paper with such a motto is attached to each letter addressed to members of the community. And there is something very special in the paper, namely lettuce seeds. So you can put the paper in the ground and soon be harvesting your own lettuce.

Paper with lettuce seeds

“This year, we wanted to offer something fresh and new after the Corona period, and then we came across the special seed paper and immediately fell in love with it,” said Pastor Steffen Becker, who worked with Britta Meilander and Barbara. Fischer, Christoph Rethemeier and Hilke Wollert are behind this special campaign. The motto was quickly added: “Here’s a salad for you – so that the church in the village remains.” What is it all about?

“The lead is growing, the lettuce is green and fresh, which fits perfectly into a time when something new can emerge in communities,” says Pastor Britta Meylander.

Everyone gratefully reports that even in the last two years, when many things stood still and could not happen, people still supported their community and donated money. “We were very happy for it and to support us in this special time,” says Pastor Barbara Fisher.

The church tax is not enough

In addition, communities need support through volunteer work as well as donations. At a time when prices are rising for everyone, church tax alone is not enough. For example, the heating of various buildings is significantly more expensive. In order for the church to remain in the village in the future, this special promotion is now being advertised again in the communities.


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