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Bad news for vegetarians: Chicken soup actually helps fight colds. However, the good news is that other soups also help with sneezing and coughing spasms.

Nutritionist Dr. explains why soups help with colds so well. Burkhard Jan: “Everyone who is sick needs a lot of fluids. Soups not only regulate the water balance, but are also carriers of vitamins. And the well-known salt in the soup helps with problems with the gastrointestinal tract.” A bowl of hot soup supports the body as it fights off viruses with its own heat, a fever. Well then, bon appetit!

Germany: Chicken soup

Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties. The amino acid cysteine ​​contained in cooked chicken has an anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect on mucous membranes, and zinc also strengthens the immune system. Chicken soup also contains healthy ingredients such as vitamins and iron – a strength for a sick immune system. The hot steam from the soup moisturizes the mucous membrane of the nose and relieves a severe runny nose. In addition to chicken legs, the classic version also includes onions, soup vegetables, bay leaves, salt and pepper.

Russia: borscht

Borscht is hot in Russia. The basis of borscht is beetroot. The energizing vegetable contains a large amount of vitamins A, B and C, as well as some nutrients. Veal or beef gives the soup a spicy taste. Carrots, tomatoes, white cabbage, onions and garlic complement the reddish soup.

Iceland: Kjotsupa

Icelanders swear by “Kjötsupa”, a meat soup. Besides the panacea of ​​cod liver, the soup on the island is the best medicine for winter depression and also contains numerous vitamins. Winter soup consists mainly of lamb, potatoes, onions, beets, cabbage, oatmeal, as well as various spices and herbs.

Egypt: sage soup

Sage is considered an ancient home remedy in Egypt. The herb has a disinfecting effect and helps well with sore throat. Combined with the anti-inflammatory sulfides in garlic, sage soothes the throat and throat.

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