Cook green beans properly

Cooking green beans: tips and things to know

Boiling beans is not so difficult and, depending on the cooking method, it can also be done quickly. We tell you what you should pay attention to so that vegetables are edible, and we tell you useful tricks.

Raw beans are poisonous

Green beans should never be eaten raw, as they are inedible in this state. The substance phasin, a toxic protein compound, is responsible for this. Therefore, cooking vegetables is a mandatory condition for consumption. After at least ten minutes in boiling water, the protein breaks down and you can enjoy delicious vegetables without any worries.

Correct preparation of green beans: this is how they become edible

The most common way to make fresh green beans, such as French beans, string beans, or kidney beans, edible is to boil them in water.
Wash the raw beans and first cut both ends with a sharp knife.
Place a fairly large pot of salted water on the stove. Raw green beans are cooked in it until they become soft. You have to be patient for at least ten minutes, after which you decide on your personal taste. If you like your beans a little al dente, remove them from the pan, if you like them softer, let them cook in the water for another five to ten minutes. After draining, vegetables should be washed with cold water.

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Is bean water toxic?

Since green beans are poisonous raw, do not use water for soaking. However, the boiling water in which you boiled the beans for at least ten minutes should no longer contain toxic compounds, as they will dissolve in the boiling water after some time.

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Prepare the green beans: fry them in a pan

In addition to traditional boiling in water, green beans can be cooked in other ways. Another classic is steaming in a pan.
Wash the raw green beans and also remove the ends with a knife. Pour some fat into the pan, then add the raw beans. Let them fry briefly at a high temperature, then cover the vegetables with water, stock or white wine.
Then the beans should be boiled under the lid for at least ten minutes so that they become edible. The liquid should boil off completely.

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Cooking yellow beans: what’s the difference?

Yellow beans are called wax beans and are closely related to green beans. They can be cooked just like their green counterparts, and they are also poisonous raw. When buying, make sure that the yellow wax beans are free of surface spots.

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Cooking beans: how do they stay green?

With their crispy green appearance, beans are not only very tasty, but also attract attention. But what if they lose their color during cooking? Unfortunately, pale mushy beans don’t look so appetizing anymore. The Ministry of Consumer Rights Protection of Baden-Württemberg knows one trick here: before boiling, add a teaspoon of baking or baking soda to the water – this will preserve the rich green color of the beans without harming the taste.


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