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“Despite the traditional Adelia’s protests, I came up with a grapefruit and avocado salad, which I dressed with plenty of lemon juice. But from then on, every time I went into the kitchen, I felt like I was breaking the taboo, breaking it… A feeling that came back to me a few years later, when I kissed boys on the lips for the first time, like in the movies. At fifteen, I could cook kid colombo, the national dish of Guadeloupe, which the Indians left us as a legacy. Of course, I could never convince Adilia. She always pursed her lips: “How dare you use cinnamon! Cinnamon has no place in Colombo!” Why? Who decided that?… I liked to create and invent new things.”

(Marise Condé, “Delicious and Precious”)

Maryse Condé won the 2018 Nobel Prize for Alternative Literature |  Image: picture-alliance/dpa

With a passion for cooking inherited from her grandmother Victoroire, Marise Condé continues her series of autobiographical books. The book is also about rebellion: “Only fools are into cooking,” Maryse heard as a child from her mother, who can’t understand why a smart girl likes helping the family cook so much. And even friends of the author of bestsellers are sometimes shocked by the fact that a female intellectual is as passionate about the art of cooking as she is about literature.

Maryse Condé celebrates her “Image of Majesty” with even more gusto and takes readers with her A trip to India, South Africa, Japan and to other countries. Culinary discoveries and memories are starting points for reflection on political, social and cultural issues and provide an opportunity to critically evaluate one’s own views, hopes and disappointments. Namely my laughter and crying or Victoire Maryse Condé humorously, sensually and expertly tells how the world is reflected on plates.

Jambalaya Recipe by Maryse Conde

Jambalaya Dish Served Here in Tampa, FL |  Image: picture alliance / |  Ivy Ceballo

“Jambalaya is a Louisiana recipe. You fry a piece of chicken in four tablespoons of olive oil with salt, pepper, a little cardamom (because I put cardamom in everything) and lots of paprika. When the pieces are golden brown, add half a can Add the tomatoes and simmer for about 20 minutes, then add the smoked meat or bacon and simmer for a further 20 minutes before adding the red beans (one can per chicken) and finally the prawns . Leave the jambalaya for 30-40 minutes, continue to simmer and serve very hot with rice or saffron rice.’

(Marise Conde)

Maryse Condé was born in Guadeloupe in 1937, studied literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, and then lived for many years in West Africa. Returning to France, she devoted herself to literature and science. After teaching at the universities of Paris, Berkeley, and Maryland, she moved to Columbia University in New York in 1995. From its founding in 1997, she headed the Center for French and Francophone Studies until her retirement in 2002. She received many awards, including the LiBeraturpreis in 1988. In 2018, she received the New Academy Award for Literature. Maryse Conde currently lives in New York and Guadeloupe.

Poulet à l’pineapple/chicken with pineapple

Fruit market in Willemstad, the capital of the Caribbean island of Curacao.  The island is an autonomous member state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  |  Image: alliance of pictures / zb |  Andrew Engelhardt

Colorful fruit splendor from the Antilles

“Fry the chicken in olive oil for a quarter of an hour and, as soon as it is well browned, add only the juice of two cans of pineapple. Let it simmer for half an hour, and then add chopped pineapple. large cubes, paprika, pepper, cardamom and cumin. This time, leave to simmer with the lid on for twenty minutes, then serve very hot with white rice.’

(Marise Conde)

“Delicious and expensive” by Maryse Conde
Culinary journeys
Translated from the French by Ina Böhme, published by litraduct

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