Disgust in a Lidl salad – a customer makes a disgusting discovery in a ready-made salad

salad in a bowl.
Salad is considered extremely useful if its quality is appropriate.

A Lidl shopper has now made a disgusting discovery in his salad. She even took a photo and posted it.

There are reasons why consumer experts always recommend washing fruits, lettuce, and vegetables thoroughly. A Lidl customer found something really disgusting in her ready-to-eat salad.

Ready salad with side dish

Anyone who buys fresh vegetables and fruits wants to enjoy these healthy treats. But what the customer has now found in Lidl’s ready-to-eat salad is not tasty or pleasant.

You can really lose your appetite there. The woman even took a video of her find and posted it on Facebook. A customer bought a ready-made salad at a discount store. When she opened the package at home and wanted to taste the salad, she found something disgusting inside.

Unopened salad with add

The customer showed in her video that the salad had not yet been opened. She explains that she just came from shopping and found something in her salad. The expiration date is also fine, she explains in the video.

The salad is practically ready to eat as it comes with croutons, cheese nuggets and chicken breast, all individually wrapped in a plastic tray. In principle, she only needed to remove the foil, mix the ingredients and pour the dressing.

This is not the place

But you will probably never get to the final preparation of the salad. It has to do with the creeping animal that was in the salad. Among the lettuce leaves, the ear is crawling merrily.

But he is not alone! According to the woman, there are even several animals in the salad. A Lidl customer no longer wants to eat salad. Many comments have accumulated under your video, all describing the find as disgusting. So far, there has been no response from Lidl.

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