Eating raw asparagus: pros and cons

If you want to eat asparagus raw, you should use thin spears. From this article, you will learn what else you should pay attention to, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of raw asparagus.

From April to June is in this country asparagus time: Then healthy vegetables often end up on the plate of asparagus lovers several times a week. The most popular is boiled asparagusbut you can too Fry the asparagus or cook differently.

What many people don’t know is that you can also eat asparagus raw. We tell you what’s important.

Consumption of raw asparagus: edible and useful

You can eat asparagus raw - and thus benefit from the vitamins it contains.
You can eat asparagus raw – and thus benefit from the vitamins it contains.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / FoodieFactor)

Yes, you can also eat asparagus raw. Raw vegetable is not poisonous and indigestible. Raw asparagus should level out especially healthy to be:

  • 100 g of raw asparagus contains 2.2 g squirrels2 g cellulose and practical without fat. WITH water content 93 percent of raw asparagus can help hydrate the body.
  • In addition, asparagus provides important minerals: 100 g of raw asparagus contains 24 mg calcium14 mg magnesium and 202 mg potassium.
  • Especially interesting: raw asparagus is also rich in folic acid (52 mcg per 100 g), vitamin K (41.6 μg per 100 g) and vitamin C (5.6 mg per 100 g). I also deliver asparagus vitamin E (1.13 mg per 100 g). Vitamin B1 and B2. Lots of vitamins sensitive to heat and will largely be lost during cooking.
  • A 2011 study confirms this. Scientists have found that the longer asparagus is heated, the more nutrients are lost. The vegetables were equal blanched – a cooking method that is considered gentle.
  • Asparagus has been proven to work diuretic. Raw asparagus is said to be more potent than cooked, but we have been unable to find any scientific evidence for this.

Message: Of course, it’s not that cooked asparagus is devoid of beneficial nutrients, as not all nutrients are sensitive to heat. Especially when it comes to vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B9, asparagus works best raw.

On the other hand, asparagus also contains ferulic acid, which, according to the BBC, our bodies can only access when heated. Ferulic acid has an antioxidant effect and can oxidative stress protection Therefore, from the point of view of health, you should not always eat asparagus raw, but change the cooking methods.

Raw asparagus: taste and recommendation for purchase

You can eat both green and white asparagus raw.
You can eat both green and white asparagus raw.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Gellinger)

Raw asparagus does not differ from cooked asparagus in terms of nutrients and taste: typical aroma of asparagus, which is so appreciated by lovers: inside, it develops only under the influence of heat and is therefore absent in raw cooking. Fresh asparagus is especially juicy when raw and, in addition to a slightly nutty aroma, also resembles pea pods. Raw asparagus also has a slightly sweet taste, which makes it especially appetizing.

If you want to eat asparagus raw, you need it give preference to thin pillars. The thicker the asparagus, the more tart and bitter it is. In addition, asparagus tastes good the better, the fresher he is. Therefore, regional asparagus is always ahead of imported products.

You can eat both green and white asparagus raw. WITH ecological point of view But green asparagus is more appropriate, since white asparagus must be protected from the sun’s rays with polyethylene films when growing.

In general, therefore, we recommend that you buy green asparagus regionally and buy seasonally. Organic quality is also important regular asparagus often with pesticides charged

Prepare raw asparagus – it’s that simple

For example, you can serve raw asparagus with strawberries in a salad.
For example, you can serve raw asparagus with strawberries in a salad.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / RitaE)

White asparagus should always be cleaned. But don’t just throw away the bowl: you can make it delicious Asparagus soup prepare. On the other hand, if you decide to use green asparagus, you definitely need to leave the skin on. Most vitamins are just under the skin.

You can easily eat raw asparagus prepare:

  1. Wash the asparagus.
  2. If the lower end is purplish-whitish and hard, you definitely need to clean that part and cut off the drier end.
  3. If the asparagus is green through and through, you only need to cut off the bottom end to a finger width. Alternatively, you can also break the asparagus – it usually breaks right above the end which is too tight.
  4. If the asparagus pieces are very thick and the skin is firm to the touch, peel only the bottom third of the asparagus.
  5. You can then use the asparagus in any recipe.

Asparagus prepared in this way can be used raw, for example:

  • Pickled asparagus: Cut the raw asparagus into thin strips and leave it in the marinade for about 20 minutes. In a separate article, we will introduce you to five Recipes of delicious marinades before. Asparagus marinated in this way can be served with fresh salad leaves and, if necessary, a little cheese.
  • Asparagus sticks with sauce: You can use whole or half asparagus stalks for dipping. It goes well with, for example, homemade hummus or Pesto. Try ours too vegan sauces outside.
  • Mushroom and asparagus salad: Cut into thin strips, you can use raw asparagus with roasted mushrooms, tomatoes and a delicious dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, salt and pepper to create a delicious salad. You will find the whole recipe in our article “Prepare the green asparagus‘ – just skip the step of roasting the asparagus.
  • Tomato and asparagus salad with mozzarella: A raw vegetable salad of asparagus, cherry tomatoes, onions, and mozzarella cheese is also delicious. Suitable for vinaigrette dressing.
  • Asparagus and strawberry salad: Asparagus and strawberry season in this country at the same time. That’s why you can make a delicious special salad from these two ingredients. Just stick to ours Asparagus recipe and skip the step of roasting the asparagus.
  • Smoothies with asparagus: Asparagus lovers who like to experiment can also do this smoothies cook with asparagus. However, you should start slowly at first, as the flavor of asparagus can quickly become too intense if the quantity is too large.

Advice: Try it too Eating raw ginger – it is especially rich in vitamins and nutrients. The same goes for many other products: too For example, zucchini can be eaten raw.


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