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Every year at Easter, the kitchens of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania painstakingly prepare egg lycog. Delicious recipes from the Stefan Kuhn Show on NDR 1 Radio MV can be followed. We wish you a lot of fun.

This year, we made the battle in the studio even more interesting – in the issue of “Man vs. Machine”. Marilyn prepared the egg lycog completely by herself, Nils used a well-known kitchen appliance.

Handmade: Recipe for eggnog Marilyn with rum

Marilyn Pagel © NDR Photo: Jan Baumgart

the ingredients

7 yolks of very fresh organic eggs

250 g of brown sugar

500 ml of whole milk

Marking 1-2 vanilla pods

250 ml of rum 54% vol


  • Boil half of the sugar with milk and a crushed vanilla pod. Beat the second half with the yolk in a water bath.
  • Mix the boiled milk with the foam mixture. Check the consistency: dip a wooden spoon into the mixture, pull it out and lightly blow on the back of the spoon. Thin waves should form, which no longer spread. Then pour the mixture through a fine sieve.
  • Allow this vanilla sauce to cool slightly. Then beat with a blender and slowly add rum. This makes the liqueur nice and creamy.
  • Allow the liqueur to cool and pour into clean bottles. Refrigerate the liqueur and use in the near future.

Machine: Nils double grain eggnog recipe

Moderated by Nils Sorens © Jan Baumgart

the ingredients

8 yolks of fresh organic eggs

200 grams of sugar

250 ml of cream

1 pack of vanilla sugar

250 ml of double grain


  • Chop everything up with a kitchen utensil, press the button, wait eight minutes for the beep, and enjoy.

Let’s talk about eggs

Why are eggs stored for a long time without a refrigerator?

Many packs of eggs lie on the supermarket shelf.  © NDR Photo: Julian Marxen

It takes 21 days for an egg to hatch. Before that, the hen has to lay eggs – this also takes time. Eggs lie in the nest under the hen for more than three weeks at an ambient temperature of 37 to 39 degrees. Ideal conditions for bacteria. To prevent them from penetrating the egg, it is surrounded by an antibacterial protective layer. This contributes to the fact that the eggs are stored for a long time, even if they are not refrigerated.

Does this mean eggs should NOT be refrigerated?

You can do it, but not necessarily before the 28th day. If eggs are stored in the refrigerator and the door is opened and closed frequently, warm kitchen air will condense on the eggs. This condensation destroys the antibacterial protective layer. In addition, an egg in the refrigerator can quickly take on the taste of other foods. You shouldn’t have one either.

How to tell if the egg is still good?

An old housewife’s trick: fill a tall glass with water and add a raw egg. If it sinks to the bottom, it’s still good. If it floats, hands off. The reason: over time, more and more air accumulates in the egg. And the more air, the worse it sinks in water.

Why are eggs white, brown or sometimes green?

The color of the eggs does not depend on the plumage, but on the breed. If the hen’s earlobe is white, she lays white eggs. If it is red, then it lays brown eggs.

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