enjoy together the Swiss way

Whether it’s on a picnic blanket in the garden, at a barbecue, or over lunch with colleagues on a park bench, enjoying nature together is a great summertime experience.

Swiss cheese doesn’t require a lot of effort or preparation. How to get ready the Swiss way and three practical tips on how hosts can make preparations easier can be found below.

Less is more: In our fast-paced world, many people long for two things: more nature and simplicity instead of too much stress. In the park, on the beach, by the lake, in your own garden, on the balcony or in the country – when you dine together outside, fresh air and good conversation are included.

What can we learn from the Swiss? Such values ​​as solidarity and simplicity are deeply rooted in the Swiss attitude to life. The mission of Swiss cheese is to connect people – with each other and with nature. To share goodness and enjoy life. In harmony with the land, animals and people who produce our food. It doesn’t take much. Some bread, swiss cheese on a wooden board, and some nuts, fruit and people important to you. Yes, living well can be that simple – at the table, on a picnic blanket or on a rooftop terrace.

Tip 1: Keep it simple: To have more time to enjoy your exchange, keep it as simple as possible. Just grab healthy snacks that everyone loves to eat: vegetables and dips, nuts and of course Swiss cheese, fruit and delicious bread. Turn off your phone and enjoy nature together.

Tip 2: Simple decoration for more comfort: with the help of a few helpers, such as pillows or fairy lights, you can quickly create a small oasis outside – with a calm atmosphere for good conversations. A Swiss cheese of many varieties automatically adorns the cheese plate: hard cheeses such as the nutty and spicy Swiss Emmentaler AOP, the fruity and strong Le Gruyère AOP or the spicy Appenzeller belong to every authentic Swiss cheese plate. Tête de Moine AOP is twisted into rosettes using a special rotary girolle knife. Effect: the cheese reveals its floral-spicy aroma and melts in the mouth. Gentle, soft Sbrinz AOP is often “mocked”, that is, a cheese plate or a piece of cheese is cut into small pieces of non-standard size.

Tip 3: Go litter-free and cut down on plastic: Enjoying harmony with nature also means going plastic-free. Metal cutlery and cloth napkins are companions of choice. Simple snacks like Swiss cheese salads are also at home in takeout jars.

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