Fight slugs in the garden with this wonder weapon

If you have slugs in your garden, you can keep them away from flower beds and flower pots with bottle caps. IMAGO / image broker

Many are disgusted just by looking at it. At the very latest, when you see what the little critters are doing in the garden, the friendship is over. We are talking about slugs. Once they nest in the garden, trouble is usually inevitable. But how to get rid of them? What home remedies help? Do you need a chemistry club? And what about the miracle weapon “cork” against slugs?

As soon as it gets wet outside, they come out of their hiding places in droves. Especially early in the morning, the garden is teeming with slippery and uninvited guests.

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The problem: snails have an incredibly large appetite – for everything we also like to eat and often worked hard for weeks or months. Once there, the slugs eat strawberry, lettuce and cabbage plants. The former splendor of fruits and vegetables quickly becomes only a shadow.

Fight slugs in the garden with home remedies

Almost 90 percent of the feeding damage in German vegetable beds comes from the Spanish slug. The small pest was brought to Germany in the 1960s and has almost no natural predators. Frogs, hedgehogs and birds, which usually like to eat snails, keep their hands away from it. Because this slug secretes so much mucus that they would choke on it.

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So what to do when snails have invaded our garden? There are a few tips and tricks. in A beer trap is one of the most famous home remedies. Simply fill a few mugs with beer and dig them into the ground around the flower bed. Slugs are attracted by the smell, then fall into the beer and drown. The problem: Bare branches also attract from the neighbor’s garden, so the real problem is getting bigger.

You can deal with slugs in the garden with a beer trap. But it’s not perfect. IMAGE / perspective

Alternatively, you can build a slug trap from which you can rescue them alive. For example, hide some in the evening Lettuce leaves under a wet bag in the garden. Slugs will flock to it and you can collect them there in the morning. An alternative to salad is wet boards. Important: do not throw animals alive into the garbage can, they suffocate there in agony in the summer. If it’s cooler, they crawl out of the urn themselves through holes a few millimeters in size.

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Bottle caps against slugs in the garden

Of course you can too swing chemical club. “Anyone who absolutely wants to use slug pellets as an emergency should use products with the active ingredient iron III phosphate. This is the least harmful to the environment,” advises the Federal Environment Agency.

But there is another way. You can get rid of slugs with the help of simple crown capskeep them away from the beds and thus deprive them of a source of food.

And here’s how it works: At your next garden party, collect all the bottle caps – from cola, beer or mixed drinks. Now you still need double-sided tape, and the action against slugs in the garden can begin. Stick one side of the double-sided tape to the edge of the flower bed or flower pot that you want to protect from slugs. Now glue the crown caps flat side down so the teeth are facing up. This is how you build a kind of protective wall against slugs, because spikes are an insurmountable obstacle for them.

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