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Spring is the height of the season for garden cress. But it grows all year round.
All it needs to thrive is a light windowsill and cotton wool or kitchen paper. It is important that the seeds are always moist. If after a few days a green meadow appeared in the kitchen, it is time to harvest.

If you want watercress faster, buy a box at the supermarket. It is usually located in the refrigerator. You only need to cut as much as you need.

Leaves with a slight sharpness

The taste of the leaves is spicy and slightly burning. Just a few are enough to add extra flavor to a dish.

Small plants are very tasty sprinkled with cheese bread, salad or creamy soup. You can also make watercress butter from the greens with a little grated lemon zest, salt and pepper. This herb goes just as well with cream cheese as it does with egg salad.

Watercress does not tolerate cooking and frying. So just put the leaves on the dish at the end.

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