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The constant alternation of heat, thunderstorms and heavy rain affects the plants and soil. That’s why it’s important floor edit first.

unloved weeds it is best to fight this on warm summer days through the surface rake (with hoe) or overcome (for example, with Crail). Cut from the root in this way “weeds” can even lie down.
You also operate a rake water resources management and capillary effect will be permanently destroyed. The capillarity includes the following: the narrower the tube, the higher the water rises.

Good to know:

lower capillary there are small pores in the ground. They transport water up from the ground (to the earth’s surface). The water evaporates and the plants then lose it.

Cut perennial / ornamental garden

  • Cut out You are a perennial plant (e.g. Maiden’s eye, sport flower, crane, lady’s mantle and spider) Remove withered, unattractive leaves and leaves, diseased leaves, and shoots. After pruning, the new growth will not have to wait long.
  • never cut You need to become: Peonies, Bleeding Heart, and Lily of the Valley. The greens of these plants are absorbed (produced during photosynthesis) for months and retain energy in the bulbs for the next season. Remove the leaves just before new shoots appear.
  • Biennial perennials (such as delphinium, iris, Icelandic poppy and foxglove) are now sown.
  • soil preparation: Before planting, loosen the soil in the bed and remove any unwanted weeds.
  • AND landing pit dig twice as wide and deeper as the pot.
  • Earth: Put quality balcony soil or a mixture of soil and sand in the planting hole.
  • Before planting, the root ball should be well moistened. Therefore, the plant for a few minutes at a time place a bucket filled with warm wateruntil the air bubbles no longer rise.
  • When planting required Distance between plants (10-20 cm).
  • Perennial with his own hands press well.
  • After planting, each perennial is poured about 2 liters of water water vigorously.

hedge trimming

The growth of tree shoots is completed. It does that July at the perfect time for cut out hedges and other topiaries.

bed with herbs

In the summer it is possible Unnoticed,, dill and chervil be sown:
Loosen the soil – make seed furrows at a distance of about 25 cm from each other, plant the seeds to a depth of 1-2 cm in the soil – cover with soil – water.
Since dill and chervil easy germinator there are, these should only lightly covered with earth will be. After about ten days, they begin to germinate. Dill is an annual.

Vegetable patch

On a vegetable or elevated bed the second comes in the summer Vegetable / Salad Brigade before turning:

  • After harvesting kohlrabi will be salad planted.

Caution when sowing lettuce seeds:

In summer, bring lettuce seeds only in the evening outside! Unlike almost all types of vegetables, lettuce does not germinate better at higher temperatures, but rather at lower ones. At temperatures above 18 ° C lettuce seeds inhibit germination. Therefore, the salad should mostly only Tonight to be sown. Night coolness and abundant watering ensure rapid germination. Therefore, sometimes it is better to wait a few days until the weather changes (cool and rainy days) pending.

  • Then comes the duck spinach Lamb salad.
  • Otherwise you can sow in the summer French beans, peas, radishes and radishes.

Garden: strawberries

Allowed until August Garden strawberries for next season installed, which can then be collected next year. Already in the first year give a good harvest. Varieties that bear fruit several times can be laid in the ground from August to September for Moon and climbing strawberries best planted in the spring.

It landing pit should be so deep that the roots find a place in it without shrinking. Position the plant so that the heart is level with the ground.

Andreas Moderi and Wir in Bayern wish you fun gardening!

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