Green onions: You should know this

Onions not only give our dishes a rich aroma, but also look good. Find out what you need to know about small onions here.

What is the difference between onion and spring onion?

Onion is also called onion or winter – so there is no difference, just different names. In fact, despite its name, spring onions are not related to leeks or leeks, but to the classic onion. Due to the visual similarity with green leeks, spring onions are also called leeks.

Green onions are so healthy

Green onions are extremely healthy, and therefore not only a great flavor addition to our dishes. For example, they contain twice as much vitamin C as ordinary onions. It also contains a large amount of secondary plant substances and fiber, so onions have a positive effect on our digestion. In addition, they have an anti-inflammatory effect. Polyphenols in white onions also reduce the risk of thrombosis.

taste and sharpness

Despite the kinship, the onion taste is more tender than the classic onion. The lower, white part of the onion is more intense, the greens are more like chives or leeks. Therefore, onions are also considered more digestible than ordinary kitchen onions.

What can be used from onions?

With the exception of the shaggy root, you can actually eat the whole onion, both raw and cooked. Since the white part looks like a regular onion, you can use it in the same way. The green part is great for herbal quark, salad or delicious wok dishes. Imagination knows no bounds.

Preparation of onions

Always use onions as fresh as possible. They will keep in the refrigerator drawer for about a week. Before cooking, wash the onion thoroughly under clean water. Then remove the wilted outer leaves and cut off the shaggy stem at the white end. The thin white skin should also be removed from it.

Now cut the onion as you like for the dish. In small thin rings or long pins – it’s up to you. If you want to cook onions, separate the white part from the green part, as they cook at different times. The green part should not be cooked too long or too hot, otherwise the taste will be lost.

Can you freeze onions?

Freezing onions is not a problem, it is a great way to keep vegetables fresh all year round. Before freezing, wash the onion and then dry it thoroughly – otherwise there is a risk of freezer burn. If you want, you can cut the onions into rings now, this will save you space and they will be ready to eat as soon as they are thawed. Then pour this into a freezer safe container and then put the onions in the freezer. Onions keep freshness for up to six months.

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