Healthy snacks? How much fruit to eat a day

Fruit is part of a balanced diet, but some varieties are also high in sugar. So, how many fruits are good for you? And how many times a day should you bite apples, bananas, etc.?

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. More vegetables (about 400 grams, cooked or raw) than fruit (about 250 grams). In translation, this means: three out of five portions should be vegetables.

How big is a portion?

DGE recommends simply using your own hands as a guide. A portion is the amount that fits in your hand – and this applies to both adults and children.

And she gives several examples of what a serving might look like:

  • with a piece of vegetable or fruit, anything that fits in one hand: for example, a small kohlrabi, a pepper or three tomatoes, an apple
  • For chopped vegetables, fruit or salad: two handfuls of chopped carrots, two handfuls of strawberries or frozen berries, two handfuls of frozen broccoli or spinach, or two handfuls of lettuce
  • for dried legumes: a handful of lentils, beans or chickpeas
  • for nuts: half a handful
  • For vegetable and fruit juices or smoothies, one glass is considered one serving.

And who take it very seriously and consider it wantcan be based on the following values:

  • For raw vegetables, 125 grams is considered one serving.
  • For boiled vegetables, one portion is considered a classic side dish of 150 grams.
  • 150 grams per piece of fruit (apple, etc.) is counted as one portion.
  • For berries or fruits with a very large piece weight (pineapple or similar), 125 grams is considered one portion.

These varieties have a lot of sugar

The fruits with the highest sugar content (each per 100 grams) include:

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