Hearty Mediterranean cuisine: five recipes that taste like vacation

Anna-Kathrin Weber’s internal compass points south. To the markets, where fruits and vegetables stretch to the sky like the towers of Babel, where the bustle and the shimmering heat reign. Where there is grass-green olive oil and where culinary masterpieces are celebrated for hours together at large tables. If Weber thinks about the south, then about Italy, Spain and Greece, France and Turkey, about a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, a mountain village, a pulsating metropolis. If the language of Mediterraneans existed, it would be the language of their stomachs. Weber’s Cookbook”Hearty vegan Mediterranean“is an invitation to a culinary journey through the south, into a world full of aromatic delicacies.

Mediterranean cuisine, which is sunny cuisine for a good mood. These are dishes in which you can feel Mediterranean lightness, joy of life and passion. In addition, nowhere is it easier to eat healthy than in the Mediterranean countries. There is more than one Mediterranean cuisine, because the Mediterranean region spans three continents, but they are united by a common culinary thread: lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, greens and olive oil in abundance.

Dishes with a taste of vacation

Weber especially looks at the cuisine of popular tourist destinations and chooses dishes that taste like a vacation. In more than 70 recipes, she plays with typical ingredients like chickpeas and polenta, and reinvents classics like pizza and panna cotta. She stuffs and grills, stews and roasts, bakes and fries. Serve tapas and antipasti, salads and soups, aromatic vegetable dishes, dolci.

Special feature: the cook and ecotrophologist does not use meat, fish, cheese and other products of animal origin in his recipes. But even as purely vegetable food, the dishes leave nothing to be desired, promises Weber – “neither a typical taste, nor pleasant sensations during and after eating.”

In the photo gallery above, we present five recipes from the cookbook that invite you to feast like you’re on vacation.

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