How much asparagus per serving: You really only need that much!

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White is not the same as green!
How much asparagus per serving? You really should buy that much

Is that enough now?  Or is it too much?  We'll tell you how much asparagus you really need per serving.

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Is that enough now? Or is it too much? We’ll tell you how much asparagus you really need per serving.

Do you always have asparagus on your plate in the spring? Then you must have wondered how much asparagus should be calculated per serving. We will tell you.

Asparagus is undoubtedly the culinary highlight of the season. Therefore, it is not surprising that aromatic stems of vegetables – white or green – like to often and regularly end up on the plate. But sometimes the first problem becomes obvious on the market tray or in the supermarket. How is it anyway? How much do you really need to buy? How much asparagus should be planned per serving? We give you an overview.

How much asparagus do you need per serving?

When asparagus is on the table, it is a happy event. There is less joy when there is little brewed. It’s also not great: too much was cooked – and something could potentially end up in the trash. Fortunately, there are some guidelines you can follow.

“A pound for a mouth” is an old saying about asparagus when you want to serve the vegetable in combination with other ingredients such as sauce, potatoes, ham or fish. This wisdom can be taken at face value – at least partially…

Asparagus: the star of the main dish

You probably know the classic: asparagus combined with ham and potatoes – with a delicious hollandaise sauce. If you want to serve asparagus this way, you should consider the following quantities:

  • White asparagus: 500 g per serving is wisdom. White asparagus must be carefully cleaned from the skin, as well as remove the lignified ends. This left about the perfect amount per serving/person.
  • Green asparagus: 375 g per serving. In green asparagus, it is usually enough to remove the lignified ends. In most cases, they do not need to be peeled – so more of the purchased product remains. Hence the difference in gram specification.

Asparagus is a temptingly good side dish

There are many asparagus dishes – and unlike the classic with tuber and hollandaise, tasty asparagus is sometimes not the main character of the dish, but “only” a dazzling secondary character. This applies, for example, if a tasty piece of meat is also served – or the asparagus is only an appetizer or part of a salad. And this is how it is calculated in these cases:

  • White asparagus: 250 g per serving – for the reasons stated above.
  • Green asparagus: around 180 to 190 – also for the reasons mentioned above.


With our tips, you always know how much asparagus you need per serving. Now all you really need to do is recalculate how many hungry people will be at the table in the future.

So it is clear how much asparagus you need to buy. Now we are very excited to share with you our insider tips that will help you never buy bad asparagus again. Of course, we also have an informative guide on how to properly peel asparagus. And if you love hollandaise sauce but are wondering what other sauces go well with asparagus, then of course we’ve got more ideas for you.

There are also countless attractive recipes in the gallery. Take a look:

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