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Consequences of insufficient fluid intake

It summer weather with high temperatures can easily lead to a dehydration lead. Ambulance doctor doctor Baruch Fertel with Cleveland Clinic in the United States explains what dehydration is, how it occurs and how it can be prevented.

The human body mainly consists of water. On a dehydration lies in the body lack of water before. As a result, the body can no longer perform the necessary functions, the expert said in a recent press release.

What are the functions of water in the body?

Water promotes digestion, lubricates joints, forms saliva, carries oxygen throughout the body, regulates body temperature and balances body elements, explains Dr. Fertel.

Therefore, it is important to drink enough water and pay attention to whether there are signs of insufficient fluid intake.

How to recognize dehydration?

If you notice that you have not urinated for several hours, or if your urine is very dark and very concentrated, this may be a sign that you are not drinking enough.“, explains Dr. Fertel.

Signs of possible dehydration to be:

  • decreased urination,
  • concentrated urine of dark color,
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • muscle cramps,
  • fatigue,
  • dizziness,
  • drowsiness,
  • dry mouth,
  • Constipation.

Dehydration can lead to heat depletion

The expert also warns that dehydration can cause so-called thermal depletion can provoke, causing a rise in body temperature. This can lead to a Slowing down some metabolic processes lead in the body.

Up to one threatening heat stroke In this case, you should avoid the heat, protect yourself from the sun and drink more fluids Dr. Fertel. Do not underestimate heat stroke, as it can life-threatening forms can accept.

Dehydration, despite high water consumption

Various factors can contribute to dehydration when you think you are drinking enough water. First, it is possible you still drink too little wateralthough in fact you follow the general recommendations.

For example, according to the Federal Center for Nutrition, adults should have at least one product daily 1.3-1.5 liters drink.

According to Dr. However, Fertel is designed for the average person of average weight in a normal situation. How much water you actually need depends on individual situation disabled and how a lot of energy consumed.

It plays a role, such as how much you get emotionalhow many one sweats and loves a lot of fruits and vegetables consumed during the day. “General rule: drink when you feel thirstySaid the expert.

Some groups of people often drink too little

Some groups of people, according to Dr. Fertel have problems with adequate fluid intake. And so it should be elderly people, small children or persons whose The mechanism of thirst may be disturbed encourage drinking if necessary.

The body needs electrolytes

It is important that the body absorbs enough water, but at the same time it also becomes urgent electrolytes for example Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium chloride necessary. They can be effectively obtained from fruits and vegetables.

Although water contains hydrogen and oxygen, it does not contain the electrolytes needed by our body“, he explained Dr. Fertel.

Bananas and apples are high in electrolytes

Eating foods like bananas and apples not only helps hydration but also to deliver electrolyteswhich help regulate the work of nerves and muscles, blood circulation and brain function.

Electrolytes also help water quantity controlwhich in remnants of body cells, the doctor adds. one through Loss of electrolytes due to sweating could, for example, through special sports drinks or other rehydration solutions get compensation.

High water consumption can contribute to electrolyte loss

Drinking lots of water can sometimes do more harm than good. Because it is The system is overloaded with waterit only forces the body to excrete excess water through the urine as well important electrolytes are lostexplains the expert.

Therefore it is necessary to take care of it enough fluids during the day eats, the doctor adds.

Sweatwhatever the reason, with one Loss of fluid and electrolytes tied together. If this is not balanced, dehydration can occur.

Remember that we can lose fluid through sweating and breathing. Therefore, it is important to drink enough fluidsSaid the expert.

Diuretic effect of drinks

Some drinks are possible diuretic effect have. This leads to the need for more urination, with a corresponding negative effect on electrolytes. The doctor gives examples Coffee, carbonated drinks with caffeine and alcohol.

dehydration due to illness

Vomiting, sweating and diarrhea can also occur during illness cause fluid loss, which then causes dehydration, explains the doctor. Here, offer yourself tea or chicken broth to compensate for fluid loss. Chicken soup also contains salt, which helps retain water in the body.

Dehydration from medication

Some medications can help dehydrate the human body. Diuretics, laxatives and blood pressure medications to be able Wash water and electrolytes from the bodyexplains the doctor.

The specialist will advise himself medical advice allow if on one Drug dehydration is listed as a side effect. If you have heart failure or problems with fluid retention in your tissues, you should consult your doctor for optimal fluid intake, says your doctor. Fertel.

dehydration and diabetes

If often urinates and feels thirstyit may be according to the doctor early signs of diabetes to be. In this case, frequent urination is the body’s response to the breakdown of sugar.

The problem is that it is increased urination can lead to dehydration. It is possible sweet smell of urine and weight loss appear. “They may also have a metallic taste in the mouth and an odor, sweet, fruity or liquid-like varnish remover.“, he explained Dr. Fertel.

How can dehydration be avoided?

Getting enough fluids throughout the day helps prevent dehydration. In addition, the expert has some tips on how to do it yourself hydration can be maintained.

Monitor fluid intake

First of all, it is recommended to do it yourself Determine the basic value of the amount of water consumed per day and then zoom in from there.

If you use a program to control your own water consumption, it usually is reminder function, which can warn you when it’s time to drink again. But it could be just as good Alarm clock be placed to remind you to drink fluids regularly.

Drink a glass of water before eating

Drinking a glass of water before each meal can increase your daily water intake. Another benefit is that drinking water before meals can help you eat less Thirst is often confused with hunger will be, according to the doctor.

Add flavor to the water

If one of The taste of water is too dull For example, you can add fresh fruit to improve the taste. In addition, flavored carbonated water or additives in the form of powder or liquid can add flavor to water. However, it must be included added sugar and artificial sweeteners be denied.

Eating foods high in water

Liquid can also be obtained from foods. suitable for this fruits and vegetableswhich are known to have a high water content, for example Lettuce, watermelon and celery.

Never neglect electrolytes

Especially if you play sports in warm weather or at all sweats profuselyliquids containing electrolytes should be as follows marinated juice, sports drinks or chicken soup be fixed, the expert advises.

Differences in the severity of dehydration

The degree of dehydration can vary vary from mild to severe and drinking water in mild cases, according to Dr. Feel the symptoms of dehydration inside Reduce by five to ten minutes.

However, if there is moderate or severe dehydration, you should seek immediate treatment provide medical treatment. one intravenous fluid if so, help fill the fluid during further testing. (as)

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