Is green poop dangerous? You must know this

  • green chair maybe warning signal to be
  • medicine or food may be possible triggers
  • alarm signal for Salmonella infection or parasites
  • Even with babies dangerous for a long time
  • From two days it a visit to the doctor expedient

Your bowel movements can determine whether you are healthy or not. Depending on what food you eat, if you take medication, or if your body is sick, your stool can change color and consistency. Talking openly about it is often taboo for many. But it is better to perceive warning signals and not ignore them. Also green stools maybe be a warning sign that something is wrong with your body. However, it often has a more greenish color. This is explained by the green color of bile, which is necessary for digestion.

Green poop: an overview of possible causes

You should green products, like spinach or lettuce, your stool may well turn green. You don’t need to worry here. that in raw vegetables The chlorophyll it contains provides color, is safe and harmless. This also applies to peas, broccoli, onions and other green herbs. You can do the same artificial dyes or red meat be the cause of the change in the color of the stool.

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Maybe, maybe medicineas Antibiotics, painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugsmake sure your gut flora is damaged. Your gut bacteria may stop working properly if you take it for a long period of time, causing your stool to change color. Here it is advisable to consult a doctor in order to restore and balance the natural intestinal flora. But also laxative not only cause diarrhea, but often change the color of feces. This is because many nutrients cannot be properly absorbed due to the accelerating, laxative effect of the drug. Green stools can also result from regular intake iron preparations happen.

It’s the gut pathogensas viruses or bacteria, it can also cause green stools. In most cases, however, it is noticeably stronger diarrhea is added, so that the distinction from other causes is usually easily possible. Discoloration is often associated with a gastrointestinal infection or salmonella. It is also unpleasant, but quite possible, to be infected with giardia. These are intestinal parasites that live in the small intestine. Typical signs of this are mucus in the stool and flatulence. Your doctor can also help you here.

Changed stool in babies: normal or dangerous?

Green stool can also be a warning sign in babies. In the first two days after birth greenish-black discoloration is still normal and harmless. This is also known as baby sweat or meconium. However, if the child for several days If you regularly have green stools, this may indicate a viral infection. Medications can also cause the green color to appear and should be discussed with your doctor.

If you have these symptoms, it is important to see your doctor

The green color of feces is mainly preserved longer than two days you should see a doctor. The doctor can then use a stool sample to determine the cause of the discoloration. It is equally important to see a doctor as soon as possible Symptoms such as gas, diarrhea, constipation, or nauseaemerge.

If your stool is not green, but black, you definitely need to see a doctor. Because one black color may be a sign of blood in the stool. If you often suffer from flatulence, diarrhea or other digestive disorders, there are various foods that can restore the balance of your intestinal flora.

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