Listeria: The operation from the Passau district supplied only the kitchens of the canteens

The food company from the Passau area, which is said to be responsible for several bacterial illnesses, in one fatal case, only supplied large kitchens. As reported by the district office of Passau, the products never reached the supermarkets.

The district office wants to file a complaint

Therefore, small businesses specialized in, for example, fruits and vegetables for home kitchens and dining rooms. The Passau district administration has announced that it will file a complaint against the company in the coming days on suspicion of a criminal offense under the Food and Feed Code.

The operation was discovered only seven years later

It was only seven years after the death of an 85-year-old man from his first case of listeriosis that the Bavarian State Health and Food Safety Authority (LGL) knew where the trail was leading.

When asked by BR, LGL now explains why the search took so long: only special research by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in 2020 showed a link between Listeria illnesses from 2015 to 2019. Until then, isolated cases were assumed, as only one or two people were affected a year in various districts of Lower Bavaria and in the Altetting district.

According to LGL, the time intervals were long and the diseases were severe only in isolated cases. Experts would not even be helped by interviewing patients about their eating habits: especially elderly people could no longer say exactly what they ate. LGL writes that no conclusions can be made about a specific food.

An 85-year-old man died of Listeria

Last Friday, LGL reported that 13 cases of listeria in Lower Bavaria and the district of Altetting could be traced back to the operation in the district of Passau. The first cases appeared in 2015. An 85-year-old man also died this year from listeria.

In all 13 cases, the microbe “Listeria monocytogenes” from the same gene family was detected. This shows that all diseases originate from a common cause.

Microbe Listeria in peppers, cucumbers and lettuce

LGL employees have now discovered this exact microbe in a company from the Passau area. In late June, they took samples and were able to detect the microbe in diced peppers, cucumber strips, and lettuce, among others. Further investigations are still ongoing, LGL said.

Numerous hygienic deficiencies at work in the Passau area

The company in the Passau area says there were hygiene deficiencies. The district office has announced that it has banned production for the first time in the spring. After the company met hygiene standards again, it was initially allowed to continue production – pending an inspection in June. Since then, the company has been closed.

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