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Spring is the time of asparagus! NDR TV chef Tarik Rose and nutritionist Mathias Riedl use it to create creative yet simple and healthy dishes with gourmet vegetables. Because the green and white sticks are not only delicious, they are also low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals that support the immune system, protect against cardiovascular disease and are important for healthy teeth and bones. Our delicious vegetables are available straight from the field until June 24.

Delicious snack: pancakes with filling

It starts in the kitchen of Iss Besser!, with filled buckwheat pancakes. Pseudograins are a good alternative for people with gluten intolerance. Filled with roasted white and green asparagus and creamy cream cheese, it makes for a healthy and delicious snack. Crispy arugula goes great with this.

Asparagus at its best: stewed in its own juice

Then asparagus confit from the oven. The type of cooking is the traditional way of cooking, in which meat and poultry are usually stewed and preserved in their own juice or fat. In this way, the products retain their full aroma and become particularly juicy and tender. This cooking method is also suitable for tender and aromatic cooking of vegetables. Food experts serve it with gribiche sauce. The classic French sauce is served cold and has a spicy sour aroma. The sauce is prepared from boiled eggs, vinegar, mustard, oil and onions.

Refined and healthy cuisine: shrimp with asparagus

Finally, Matthias Riedl and Tarik Rose prepare vegetables as a spicy asparagus fricassee. For this, small spring vegetables are combined with carrots, parsnips and mushrooms and stewed in sour cream. The cream promotes healthy intestinal flora and contains almost no lactose. Vegetables are served with freshly prepared herb oil and fried shrimp. Fine seafood is very rich in protein and at the same time a good source of iodine – provided that it comes from wild catch or environmentally friendly organic farming that is appropriate for the species.

Further information

A buckwheat pancake filled with green and white asparagus lies on a tray.  © NDR Photo: Florian Crook

Tarik Rose spreads buckwheat pancakes with cream cheese, puts fried sticks on top and rolls them up. more

A plate of fried asparagus and tomatoes with Hrybiche sauce.  © NDR Photo: Florian Crook

Gribiche sauce is a cold herb sauce with a boiled egg. Perfectly combined with stewed asparagus. more

Pan with asparagus and vegetable fricassee topped with shrimp.  © NDR Photo: Florian Crook

Stew asparagus in a pan, fry shrimp. Homemade herbal oil goes well with this. more

Green and white asparagus served with hollandaise sauce and potatoes on a plate.  © Fotolia.com Photo: HLPhoto

Green, white, purple: popular vegetables are back in season. What should be considered when buying? How do you cook asparagus? more


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