Mallorca: 5 tips for traveling around the island

Mallorca: 5 tips for traveling around the island

I would like to predict one thing: Mallorca is not our 17th federal land, a tourist fortress or party paradise. Of course there is one corner or another that caters to all these biases, but it is my personal concern to give advice that will bring you closer to the “real Mallorca”. Because the Mediterranean island has much more to offer. Even though I’ve vacationed there several times a year for decades and could therefore call myself a “MallĂ© professional”, I’m constantly discovering new corners. However, the infrastructure in Mallorca leaves a lot to be desired, so a car is essential if you want to explore the whole island. My friend on the trip: Dr 5-door MINI Cooper S in Island Blue color.

1. Mallorca: the most beautiful coastal road on the island

The most beautiful road on the island is Ma-10 along the west coast. From the north in Pollença to the south in Andratx (or vice versa) takes about three hours. Since the journey is the goal here, and there are so many things to see, I wouldn’t do the whole route for a day trip. Rather, drive smaller sections and discover something new every day.

My advice: Choose a hotel or vacation home inland (more on that later) because from there you can quickly and easily explore both the east coast with its beautiful sandy beaches and the west coast in the mountains. And that brings us to the next point.

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2. Mallorca: Hotel “Finca Serena” in Montuire

If you have a weakness for interiors, you should definitely stay for a few nights at the Finca Serena hotel. Located inland, about 30 minutes from the airport, this 5-star hotel is an oasis you won’t want to leave. Apart from the unusual interior, the hotel is best known for its good cuisine (herbs, citrus, wine and olive oil are grown in house) and bookable yoga classes. Sometimes it’s easy to forget which country you’re in, because the area is surrounded not only by olive groves, but also by tall cypress trees and bright lavender fields. In addition to the main building, which has several rooms, as well as a restaurant and reception, there are small houses with their own terrace or garden spread over the territory.

My highlights: A glass house overlooking the island, where you can exclusively eat or where yoga classes are held.


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