Meat, salad, ice cream and beer are more expensive in the supermarket – how can you save

Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka and others: Meat, salad, ice cream and beer are more expensive in the supermarket – how to save on the grill

Sunny weather over Germany. In many regions, the temperature reaches 30 degrees. Therefore, many people prefer to grill outside. If you want to stock up on grilled food, you’ll have to dig deep in your pocket at the supermarket. Focus Online knows the prices and tells you how much you should pay for mustard, sauces, meat and other food.

Finally, we’re standing around the grill again with family and friends and celebrating together. High temperatures create ideal conditions for frying.

While the weather is playing, an unpleasant surprise awaits in the supermarket. Many barbecue products have gone up in price in recent days.

How much do I pay for grilled food in the supermarket?

In recent weeks, many products have risen in price across the board. Grill lovers have to dig deeper in their pockets for meat, mustard, sauces, beer, vegetables and bread. Beef has increased tremendously in recent days, as have poultry and tomatoes.

At the end of last year, Rewe boss Lionel Suke complained: “There have never been as many demands for price increases from the industry as there have been this year.” And this was before the Ukrainian war. Meanwhile, the situation is likely to have worsened significantly for many manufacturers.

Focus-online went in search of tips and tells you how much you will have to pay for a kebab.

Skewer for barbecue cost, for example, from 3.79 euros to eight euros. turkey steaks available from 2.79 euros and cheaper pork meat from 2.59 euros. Good to know: cheaper meat products in a discount store. You pay more at the Rewe or Edeka counter. The increase in prices compared to last year is the equivalent of more than 30 percent.

mustard still costs from 29 cents (no-name in discounters) to 1.59 euros (for example, from the Händlmaier brand). There have been no price increases in the past few weeks. Popular sauces such as curry, barbecue or garlic costs a little more at the beginning of the barbecue season.

For this, consumers have to pay between €1.19 (e.g. from Kühne) and €1.99 (for Heinz). Edeka’s own brand ‘Papa Joes’ is available for €1.79. Last year, Papa Joe’s Curry Mango sauce cost €1.49. Make a 20 percent markup. However, many Edeka branches currently have special offers.

what herb baguette from the refrigerated counter was 79 cents at the end of December at Aldi Süd and Lidl at the same time. Consumers now pay 89 cents for the popular grilled bread. Depending on the retailer, a baguette with herbs from the Meggle brand costs between 99 cents and €1.19.

In the fruit and vegetable department, consumers must salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and paprika pay a lot of money Example: for plum tomatoes you pay about three euros for a 250 gram bowl Mini grape tomatoes available for €3.99 (400 grams). One cucumber costs an average of 99 cents, an organic cucumber is almost twice as expensive – 1.79 euros. The Iceberg salad costs between €1.19 and €1.89.

are cheaper carrots, leeks, fresh onion and other seasonal vegetables. Also on potato currently you will have to pay more. The harvest was poor, which affects consumer prices. Nevertheless, it is better to rely on potato salad – and give up pasta salad for the time being. Homemade potato salad is much cheaper now.

Macaroni salad usually requires mayonnaise, meatballs, macaroni, peas, canned corn. In the supermarket, you have to pay up to 40 percent more for all these products.

  • example: organic pasta own brands Aldi and Lidl cost 1.19 euros. In January, the price was still 79 cents.

chips also became more expensive. Regardless of whether it is a nameless product or a branded one: potato snacks have become more expensive by 20 kopecks per package.

Also on ice he went up sharply. Ice cream in a cone, from a cup or on a stick: consumers pay 60 cents more.

For a box of 20 pcs beer Depending on the brand, consumers pay from 16.50 to 19 euros – without a deposit. Beer has never been so expensive.

  • example: Beck’s Pils (20 x 0.5L) is available for €16.99 at Rewe and Augustiner Lager Hell (20 x 0.5L) at Edeka for €17.49.

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How can I save money before grilling at the supermarket?

Look for offers in brochures, in applications and in branches. Especially at the beginning of the barbecue season, many merchants lure visitors with offers of meat, sausages or barbecue sauces.

Keep several shopping lists. Make a shopping list for each market you plan to visit. Put in there what you need and what you need for your pantry.

If you’re shopping on the weekend, avoid peak hours between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The earlier you come to the supermarket, the better. Especially on Saturday, you will still find full shelves. The fruit and vegetable counter can be empty late in the afternoon.

However, the following applies: after 6:00 p.m., there is a colossal percentage of leftovers. Then expired vegetables are offered at a lower price.

Also pay attention to the labels on the meat. From time to time, you will find products that are close to their expiration date. Then the goods are often reduced by 30-50 percent. Minus: you have to quickly process meat products. Usually on the same day.

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