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The seal looks out of the basket.  © NDR

Friedrichskoog was fed up with howlers. Visitors are waiting in a modernized facility. Download (113KB)

The Friedrichskoog Seal Station is the only authorized reception center for seal pups that have been abandoned or found to be sick in Schleswig-Holstein. This spring, a major overhaul of the facility was to take place. Now visitors can once again watch the seals, watch them being fed and learn about the animals. The main purpose of the station is to raise and release howlers found in the Wadden Sea. For this, contact with people should not be too close. However, some animals cannot be reintroduced into the wild, e.g. B. due to illness or injury. They then stay permanently at the Friedrichskog Seal Station.

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The gray seal is in quarantine at the sealing station in Friedrichskug.  © Seehundstation Friedrichskoog eV Photo: Tanya Rosenberger

Young seals often lose their mothers in the Wadden Sea. In Friedrichskoog, nurses feed howlers. Visitors are welcome. more

Bukkeburg Castle has 250 rooms. A prince cannot live in all these places with his family, so there are some that have been empty for a long time: the Lost Places, so to speak. And you can explore them with the camera. From the former wine cellar to the attic where the servants lived. Photo tour for hunters with special motives.

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View of the facade of Bückeburg Castle from Schlossplatz © Picture-Alliance / Bildagentur-online Photo: Schoening

In addition to a tour of the castle, it is worth walking through the old town with half-timbered houses and visiting the helicopter museum. more

One of the biggest attractions in Teufelsmoor around the artists’ town of Worpswede is the so-called peat barge trips. Farmers from the surrounding area used to transport peat to Bremen in these boats under large brown sails. Several associations work to preserve this cultural heritage and offer tours on the Teufelsmoor waterways with original replicas of historic barges. Special tours are also offered: with lanterns, at sunrise or sunset, and recently with the accompaniment of gongs. Sound practitioner Elizabeth Dierlich from Worpswede came up with the feature and a team from the northern tour accompanied the trip down the Hong River.

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Landscape on the Hamme River near Worpsvede © fotolia / fotoblo

Museums, studios and galleries characterize the place near Bremen. Famous artists left their mark here. more

Stud manager Menke has been working at Ganshaw since 1971. He has already studied there. In 1995 he took over the stud farm at Treuhand, created a breed of Trakehner and Mecklenburg Warmblood and made a name for himself across the country with his parade mares. He, his people and many volunteers from all over Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offer the audience a four-hour program. Weeks in advance, after work, they practice individual points of the program. One of the attractions is the largest pair of quadrilles: 32 horses are harnessed, 16 carriages roll across the square — not just like that, but in choreographed patterns.

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View of the Gyustrov Castle with the Castle Bridge.  © NDR Photo: Catherine Weber

Whether Barlachstadt or Residenzstadt, Güstrow means famous artists and rulers. Highlights of the old town that are worth seeing are the Renaissance castle and the town hall. more

At the age of 60, Joachim Bittins-Schmeichel realized his lifelong dream: a hotel on the shores of the Baltic Sea. In 2019, he opened the “Hotel zur Seemöwe” in Kirchdorf on the island of Poel. Now a qualified restaurant manager manages 17 rooms and 10 apartments directly opposite. And soon the old captain’s house will be added. In “Seemöwe” he created a cafe for day visitors to the island. Big hit: Joachim’s homemade cheesecake and fruit spreads with fruit from our garden. 20 years ago, Joachim Bittins-Schmeichel moved from North Rhine-Westphalia to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern because of love. Now the hotelier is constantly shuttling between Poel Island and Küllungsborn, his very private retreat.

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Port Timmendorf on the island of Poel.  © TMV/Grundner

Small ports, long beaches: Poel Island in the Bay of Wismar offers relaxation and nature away from the big swimming resorts. more

The bed of the Wandze river stretches idyllically in the east of Hamburg and provides a green city. There is also the Wandsbeek Special Botanical Garden, a small paradise of lawns between beautiful grass beds and an array of exotic plants such as a kerchief tree, banana trees and two sequoias, complete with a domed tropical conservatory. Helge Maas has been the owner of the 1.5-hectare facility for 40 years. From very precise to today’s natural design, it witnessed and initiated a number of changes. He attracts visitors to his biotope with constantly new ideas, such as garden workshops and plant exchange tables, and is happy to support all gardeners with valuable advice. The amateur photographer also captures on camera everything that blooms and thrives around his home and regularly posts his impressive photos on the garden’s website. “Nordtour” discovers the features of its park together with Helge Masch and is inspired by his down-to-earth passion.

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Flower beds and green spaces in the special botanical garden of Hamburg Wandsbeek.  © NDR Photo: Irene Altenmüller

The lovingly maintained park in Hamburg-Wandesbeck offers many idyllic spots. Tropical plants are presented in the greenhouse. more

They release childhood memories and feelings of happiness: Lego bricks transformed into spaceships, zoos and knightly castles. Moritz Morbach gives old bricks a new life: he looks for discarded Legos at flea markets and uses them to create pictures and objects: Mickey Mouse, emoticons, skyscrapers. So Moritz Morbach created his own form of art.

Tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, radishes: growing and harvesting all this yourself has become fashionable again, and not only after the corona pandemic. But not everyone has their own garden with a sufficient area, and queues for receiving gardens are long. Near Altengolz near Kiel, there is now a new option for those who want to pick their own organic vegetables: GSE (vegetable self-picking) Kubitzberg. Marko Rostermund is an agricultural economist who, together with two friends from his studies, cultivates seven hectares of land according to ecological criteria. He divided this land into 150 plots, which he rents out. The principle: he and his colleagues prepare the field, plant and sow vegetables, give tools and follow everything. Tenants harvest their own vegetables all season, take care of watering and weeding themselves. Marco Rostermund says that this principle is much more valuable to him than if he had to pick and sell the vegetables himself. “Nordtour” visits GSE Kubitzberg, presents the concept with advantages and disadvantages and accompanies the tenants during the harvest.

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Freshly picked vegetables in a basket © imago/Imagebroker

Growing vegetables is very popular. What types of vegetables are suitable for beginners and what should you pay attention to? more

Most people associate ice cream with good memories, the taste of summer. In areas such as Schantze, Eimsbüttel or Eppendorf, there are trendy ice cream parlors one after another. But in Dullesberg, Kim and Julian were first. Now they have ice cream fans all over Hamburg.

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Glass of ice cream with a scoop of ice cream and fruit.  © dpa / Picture Alliance

Air in ice cream and coconut instead of milk fat: Ice cream makers are resourceful when it comes to saving on expensive ingredients. more

Penguins live mainly in the southern hemisphere. Their range extends from the Galapagos Islands on the equator to Antarctica. And in Cuxhaven there are many of them, even very many: in the unique Birgit Behrends Penguin Museum. The passionate mother of all penguins gathered a unique collection in the world on almost 130 square meters.

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A sailing ship at Kugelbeike in Cuxhaven © imago/imagebroker

Admire the ships, enjoy the fresh fish, walk along the muddy fields: this is typical of Cuxhaven, a North Sea resort at the mouth of the Elbe. more

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A woman stands at Geltinger Birk and takes a picture of the landscape.  © NDR Photo: Kristin Rachka

Holidays are ideal for excursions and the north offers many beautiful places. Just enter the criteria you want and get hints. more


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