Öko-Test Grillwurst: Only two slices “very good”.

Updated: 06/26/2022 – 3:07 p.m

Grilled sausage shock
Öko-Test Grillwurst: Only two slices “very good”.

Öko-Test experts carefully examined 19 grilled sausages.  We have results.

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Öko-Test experts carefully examined 19 grilled sausages. We have results.

The results are shocking! The sausage from the discounter is defective. Others are impure, and animals have suffered torment. Read more.

Summer, garden, barbecue: this is the perfect triad, even when the thermometer rises above 30 degrees. If you don’t have a garden, no problem. Then there will be a nice picnic by the lake. Perfectly. And what goes on the grid? Meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. Sausage products are especially popular. But with this news, the sausage gets stuck in the throat: Öko-Test tested 19 fried sausages: only two sliced ​​”very well”. We know the details and so do you.

Öko-Test: fried sausages on test

Öko-Test tested a total of 19 cooked pork sausages. Including seven Thuringian sausages on the grill. They come from both well-known sausage producers and organic markets. However, own brands from discounters and supermarkets were also selected. In focus: ingredients, taste and animal welfare.

Some ingredients are really bad – petroleum hydrocarbons

Do not read further if you have a weak stomach. Of the 19 grilled sausages tested, 12 products contain mineral oil carbohydrates, also known as (MOSH/MOSH analogues). We at BILD DER FRAU never tire of pointing out these dangerous ingredients. For example, in this message: Spaetzle in the environmental test: animal suffering and oil pollution.

Even in an organic product Packlhof organic butcher shop value has increased significantly. One of the reasons may be lubricants on sausage production machines. But there are other possible sources, such as contaminated sausage casings or spices. We just wonder. The problems have been known for decades. However, such unpleasant cases always happen.

The next unwanted ingredient is phosphates

We do not want to fry hydrocarbons mineral oils, and also no phosphates. Of the 19 fried sausages, only one product did not contain these artificial stabilizers: “Fratmaxe 5 pieces from Meica”. What are stabilizers in sausage for? Simply put, sausage meat stuffed into a sausage becomes smoother. It is like a yeast dough, it should also be smooth. And that’s why phosphates in food are dangerous. Now you can understand why the experts at Öko-Test were not thrilled.

What about microbial load?

Finally (almost) good news. Only Penny Rust Bratwurst the testers showed a red card and gave an overall rating of “sufficient”. The number of microbes detected does not make us sick, but they are still prohibited. And definitely not an argument for consumption. Rather, they indicate that cleanliness may not be taken very seriously. perfectly

Because of animal welfare! The worst animal suffering

Oh, how cute pigs, cows and chickens always look on food packages: they stand on green lawns in book landscapes and smile trustingly at us. it’s a fake it’s a mistake It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with reality.

In 2021, about 50 million pigs were slaughtered for our consumption. According to official meat inspections, in 2021, 114,500 animals were unfit for consumption. As Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reports, this was about 0.2% of the fattening pigs slaughtered and examined. The main cause was multiple abscesses (accumulation of pus in tissues). So, because of animal welfare. That is why the German Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz recently called for a drastic reduction in meat consumption. For greater transparency, there are different labels for animal meat. And now also for milk and cheese. . The classic, however, remains the organic seal. We briefly introduce the 5 most important organic seals.

Öko-Test Grillwurst: winners and losers

Even if sausages from Packlhof organic butcher shop under criticism, organic is a great choice. Because products that come with very good were evaluated, organic products are:

  • Alnatura fried sausages Bioland” (€9.69)
  • Edeka Organic Original Thuringian Roast Bratwurst brewed” (6.24 euros)

At least four other organic products received one Well. Among other things, we are talking about grilled sausages

  • Good organic Thuringian bratwurst cooked” from Aldi Nord (€6.32)
  • dK organic pork bratwurst (€6.90)
  • Ökoland Delicatessen Bratwurst (€10.98)

Losses: adequate and insufficient

  • Meica Frying Maxe 5 pcs gets one sufficient. why Poor transparency/animal husbandry.
  • Juicy hearty kebab 10 pcs from Aldi Nord/Aldi Süd gets thick inadequate. In addition to too much salt and phosphorus, they also contain an increased amount of mineral oil.

Of course, we at BILD DER FRAU have some good suggestions for your barbecue evenings

Barbecues are a part of summer, as are visits to the outdoor pool, the typical smell of sunscreen and beautiful excursions. That’s why we thought about how such a friendly barbecue evening can be sustainable. We have collected and tested great ideas for you. With our advice, the pleasure of barbecue will be stable and tasty. Try the vegan sausages. Our meat lovers also asked for additional products several times. A steak and zucchini kebab will also work. Because there is always something for barbecue bourgeois. As well as crispy grilled Turkish chicken kebab in yogurt marinade prove.

Even aromatic fruits are suitable for grilling. Therefore, we present the 5 best fruits for grilling, believe me, they are incredibly flavorful. In addition, they practically do not contain fat. However, there are also foods that should not be grilled! And of course they are too the so-called 7 deadly sins. We don’t mean the ones in the Bible, but the classic barbecue mistakes that can ruin an evening or a meal. But only grilled sausages and thighs? It also gets boring at some point. We have collected great recipes for you in our photo gallery. Look:

We present even more turbo recipes that work without frills in our film “Running to the Grill”. We have already bought tickets for you. Sit comfortably, prepare a piece of paper and a pen, and then give yourself inspiration:

You can find even more facts, suggestions, tips and recipes on the topic pages about sauces, grilling, quick recipes, summer, salads and snacks. Now enjoy the summer and many wonderful barbecue evenings. Now you know which foods to avoid.

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