Perfect dinner: the guests accuse the host of theft

“Perfect Dinner”
The guests accuse the host of theft

"Perfect dinner"-Owner Mark from Dusseldorf

The presenter of “The Perfect Dinner” is Mark from Dusseldorf.

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Guests trust Mark, the host of “The Perfect Dinner”, very much. For example, you are sure that he is a thief.

The “Perfect Dinner” will take place this week in Dusseldorf. On the second day, amateur chef Mark, 38, can prove himself to his guests. The joker feels somewhat limited in time, but this should not be the main topic of the evening: the other participants would rather accuse him of being a thief. It was he himself who lured her to this trail, as the guest later tells.

A guest on “Perfect Dinner” asks: “Where did you steal the chairs from?”

While Mark is busy preparing his 3-course menu, which consists of Indian chicken soup with chicken dumplings as a starter, followed by Boeuf Bourguignon with roast potatoes “and all that pipapo” for the main course, and a closed apple pie with homemade custard for dessert , guest Jürgen, 37, has only one thing in mind: beautiful chairs on the balcony. He then shamelessly asks: “Where did you steal the chairs from?” Everyone else is also convinced that Mark could only steal a stylish seat. But no, – replies Mark, – they were ordered.

“Yesterday, Mark talked about his moodiness [Anm. d. Red.: “Marotte”] says that he likes to take things he likes from the restaurant as souvenirs,” explains Jürgen. 33-year-old Sarah is even very fascinated by her host’s “hobby”: “I think Mark always takes something with him, I’m very interested Then the host gives a “souvenir”: a “Reserved” sign from a Dutch restaurant.

The menu has pros and cons

Aside from his penchant for thieving, the IT expert is also quite talented when it comes to cooking – although he was referring to peppers when it came to the appetizer. “Actually, I was expecting more Indian. For me, it was actually a chicken and fennel soup. And there was an incredible amount of pepper in it,” Jurgen criticized.

For dessert, Mark even dares to make a premiere: “Actually, I’ve never made custard.” Natalie, 29, thinks it’s quite “brave”; after all, The Perfect Dinner isn’t necessarily the best opportunity to just try something in the kitchen. The result takes some getting used to, as Mark himself notes: “It’s too cheesy.” But the rest is suitable – even so much that with 33 points out of 40 possible it is enough for the current leadership.

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