Public barbecues in the area: Hissing on the barbecues in the area – the area

Sausages and steaks are mostly grilled, but there is also a trend towards vegan alternatives and grilled vegetables. Photo: oh

Finally enough sun. Last weekend, when the temperature was not very hot, many people took to the streets – including public barbecue areas in the region. What is really hissing on the lattice and what holidays are celebrated?

Summer, sun and a few ribs or a vegetarian alternative: if you want to combine barbecue with an excursion or a hike – or if you want to spend a family holiday outdoors, then a public barbecue area is the place for you. Sausages and steaks are no longer the only thing that sets the tone on the grill, because vegetable sausages, vegetable kebabs and even fruit are also gaining momentum. But what exactly is on the bars of public barbecues in the area on the weekend?

Barbecue place Rossert

Barbecue areas are located in the Rossert forest area between Kemnat, Ruit and Scharnhausen and must be reserved in advance at the Kemnat Evangelical Church. In this idyllic square last Saturday afternoon, mostly families stood together by the fire and kept the skewers they brought with them in the flames.

A somewhat secluded barbecue area is just a pleasure to socialize with other people in the area, and you will also find new friends for children at the same time. They cook only meat from organic farmers and regional farms and vegetable kebabs. Frying bread on a stick is also mandatory, as it is always a highlight for children.

Barbecue area in the Jägerhaus

The barbecue area at the Jägerhaus is only a short walk away from the Römerstraße car park. Especially strong there on the weekends. In addition to the occupied barbecue areas, the number of groups that bring their own grills-kettles or folding barbecues to the public square is increasing. Although they are also lit by charcoal, they are compact and therefore fit in any backpack or bike bag.

Instead of the standard ones, such as sausages and steak, more unusual grilled dishes were hissed on it. On one-sided barbecue of one group were vegetable schnitzel and grilled cheese, as well as pieces of watermelon. This is a trend on social media, and according to reports from the Internet, the melon on the grill should acquire a slightly smoky note. One of the group puts a grilled melon in his mouth. After a while, his facial expressions show that the experiment did not go so well. In addition to the many barbecue guests, there is also plastic and paper packaging on and around the Jägerhaus lawn, which is left after leisure. “The big problem is garbage left all over the lawn,” said Henry Voltaire, head of the Esslingen city park office.

Alter Hau in Eichwald-Lobenroth

The double barbecue area is located next to the Alter Hau car park in Eichwald-Lobenroth. Mostly shady areas of the square are obviously well suited for a larger birthday party, which was celebrated there with beer stalls, tables, a jukebox and football. On this day on this holiday it is customary to cook on the grill: meat. There are also salads, a selection of various barbecue sauces and rolls.

Barbecue and Egelseer Heide playground

The four stone barbecue areas with a metal grill on the Egelseer Heide are just above Stuttgart-Rothenberg. Children can play on the playground with the cable car, sandpit and swing. That’s how last Saturday an industrial clerk from Ostfielder, Marco Norr, came up with the idea to take his nine-year-old daughter to a barbecue place. “Once a month we have Father’s and Daughter’s Day, and today I was even allowed to decide,” says the family man. Vegetable and chicken kebabs, as well as dumplings with cream cheese were on the grill. “My wife is a vegetarian and I try. eat less meat, ”he says. “My daughter and I don’t want to give up chicken completely, but she knows we eat meat in moderation.”


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