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A plate of chicken soup
Chicken soup can be prepared in various ways – and it is a real master of all trades. © thepiwko –

Sometimes all the men around Anne Bown suddenly fall ill. No, not the Crown – but a man’s coldness. Then the cookbook author from Fulda prepares chicken soup. It helps.

  • In our recipe series “Of course I cook” is today chicken soup
  • The recipe comes from the author of the cookbook Anne Bown outside Fulda
  • With a delicious beet salad, you can start the new year healthy and well

Fulda – evil tongues claim that yes, chicken soup would help with a cold so well, because the poor chicken always so antibiotics to be stuffed Personally, I don’t have a particular affinity for the excessive use of antibiotics, nor for meat raised in traditional ways chickens. So the grip is on organic products inevitable; and no one can blaspheme it in my soup antibiotics floating around

If you don’t want meat, you can simply boil the chicken for soup and get a strong chicken broth. And who is interested, why exactly onion add to the soup without the skin: This is a tip from the first chef with Boniface Monastery in Gunfeld, brother Karl. He betrays in his cooking book This “Brother Karl cooks brilliantly” trick, because then the soup takes on a wonderful color.

“I usually cook”: Chicken soup recipe

chicken soup can be varied. If you do not like the classic version (see recipe) who can cook Excursion after China are also taken instead of norms Noodles are glass noodles use a peeled piece ginger add when cooking, as well as a decent dash Soy sauce and something Cayenne pepper. snow peas and mushrooms give the soup even more flavor.

for one chicken soup there will be two more in the French style stalks of thymetwo bay leaves and a decent shot white wine added Hmmm….. Well then: Bon appetit. Or get well soon.


Ingredients for 4 people:

1 organic chicken (approx. 1.2 kg) or 1 organic chicken

3 carrots

150 g of celery

2 leek sticks

1 parsley root

2 bulbs

2 bay leaves



125 g of pasta


1. That chicken Wash well inside and out. Place in a soup pot and cover with cold water (about 1.5 L). Slowly bring to a boil, then reduce the temperature and cook for about an hour and a half Bay leaf and onion (with the skin!) to cook. Remove the formed foam. soup Salt 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time.

2. Meanwhile vegetables wash, clean and cut. Add everything after about 1 hour and cook. Depending on how long the paste you are using needs to cook, add from time to time.

3. chicken remove from the broth, let cool, remove the skin and meat separate from the bone. Cut into small pieces and return to the broth. in Bay leaf and onion remove from soup.

4. Boil everything again, pepper and serve.

In the video: Chicken soup – Why it really helps with a cold

author and series

“Of course I cook” declares war on packaged soups and frozen pizza. Everything is made here: from hollandaise sauce to tiramisu, from vanilla pudding to sauerbraten.

journalist and author Anne Bown from Fulda took many of her grandmother’s recipes and modernized them, but also processed modern food trends. And before the expensive superfoods are processed, it is worth visiting the regional weekly market. Fresh, seasonal and homemade: the series has been published for more than three years “Of course I cook” every Friday in Fulda newspaper.

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