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Ingredients for dill salad:

Wash the fennel and cut it in half. Finely chop the greens and set aside. Cut the fennel into very thin strips, it is best to do this with a slicer. Peel the shallots and also chop very finely. Place the fennel and shallots in a saucepan. Peel the rhubarb and place in a blender with a little water. Add honey, mustard, fennel seeds, salt and pepper and mix well. Then slowly add the olive oil. Give half of the dressing to the fennel, turn on the oven at 60 degrees (top/bottom heating) and place the salad inside.

Ingredients for mashed potatoes with greens:

Peel the potatoes, cut them in half and boil them in cold water. Cook for about 15 minutes, then drain, return to the pot and place briefly on the hot pan to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate from the potatoes. Remove the pan from the heat, add the butter, cream, nutmeg, salt and pepper and mash the potatoes. Finely chop the greens and add at the end.

Ingredients for fish:

Heat the pan. Cut the fillet into portions and lightly salt the skinless side. Pour oil into the pan and fry the fillet on the skin side for 2-3 minutes until crispy. Remove the pan from the heat, add the butter and turn the fillet once.


Divide the mashed potatoes among the plates. Remove the warm salad from the oven, add the remaining dressing and fennel greens. Put the salad and turbot fillet on plates to mash.

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Salmon fillet in pomegranate sauce with mint rice is served on a plate.  © NDR/Fernsehmacher GmbH Photo: Markus Hertrich
Steamed salmon with snow peas and a poached egg, laid out on a plate.  © NDR/Fernsehmacher GmbH Photo: Markus Hertrich
Grilled turbot fillet served with beans and potato sauce on a white plate.  © NDR
On the table is a tray with salmon fillet on baked vegetables.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Thimmann
Crispy fried turbot served on a fennel salad and mashed potatoes.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Thimmann
Trout from grayling is served on a plate with mashed potatoes and greens.  © NDR Photo: Florian Crook
A piece of poached haddock is served on a white plate with asparagus, wild garlic foam, potato balls and tomato confit.  © NDR
Norwegian lobster shrimp served with green asparagus.  Photo: Dave Hansel
Smoked fish salad is served on bread.  © NDR


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