Salad on the balcony: These varieties are suitable

Planting a salad on the balcony? It works out. There are types of lettuce that do not grow deep roots and do not require a lot of space. So you can provide yourself with fresh vitamins even without a garden.

At least from the moment of conception Urban gardening As you know, it is clear that gardening works not only in the country with a large area. Even small areas, such as balconies or windowsills, can be used wisely and landscaped. This works not only with flowers and ornamental plants: there are also some types of vegetables and herbs that can be grown on the balcony.

From this article, you will learn how to grow lettuce on the balcony and which varieties are suitable for this.

Salad on the balcony: it is worth paying attention to

Shallow bowls are ideal for planting lettuce on the balcony.
Shallow bowls are ideal for planting lettuce on the balcony.
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You can easily grow lettuce on a balcony, terrace or bright windowsill. It even has advantages over normal Vegetables in the gardenbecause such pests as slugs do not easily get to the appetizing leaves.

In order for the salad to flourish and the harvest to be abundant, the following points should be taken into account.


The best light, but not too hot place. If the leaves are in direct sunlight for too long, they can easily burn.


  • Since most types of lettuce do not have particularly deep roots, they can be planted in standard window boxes.
  • Alternatively, large flat bowls are also suitable.
  • Smaller raised balcony beds are also ideal for salads.


Lettuce needs nutrient-rich soil. It is best to mix ordinary garden soil with mature soil compost.

Planting and caring for lettuce on the balcony

Salad does not take up much space and is therefore ideal for the balcony.
Salad does not take up much space and is therefore ideal for the balcony.
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This is the best way if you want to plant lettuce on the balcony:

  • You can easily grow lettuce from seed. Around genetic engineering in order to avoid and preserve the variety of varieties, we advise you to do this Organic seeds.
  • Many salads belong to the so-called easy germination. This means that they need sunlight to germinate. Therefore, it is only necessary to lightly cover the seeds with earth so that they do not dry out.
  • From the middle of February, you can grow lettuce at home. From May, it is possible to sow in open ground.
  • You can easily protect young lettuce plants from the approaching cold by bringing the pots into the apartment.
  • In addition, some garden houses also offer young lettuce seedlings for sale.

And this is how you take care of the salad:

  • If you have sufficiently enriched the soil with compost in the beginning, you will not need to fertilize the plants anymore.
  • Check the lettuce for pests such as insects or snails.
  • After six to ten weeks, you can harvest the first leaves of most types of lettuce. Harvest the outer lettuce leaves regularly so you can harvest again and again.
  • Especially on hot days, it is important to provide your salad with a sufficient amount of water.

Such types of salad are suitable for the balcony

There are several types of lettuce that can be planted in window boxes.
There are several types of lettuce that can be planted in window boxes.
(Photo: Maria Hohenthal /

If you choose to grow lettuce on your balcony, you have a diverse repertoire of lettuce varieties to choose from.


  • There is a distinction between the original form, wild arugula, and the cultivated form, salad arugula. Wild arugula has a tart taste and is a perennial, while common arugula is only an annual.
  • As for arugula, it is especially important to water it regularly. Otherwise, the leaves will become very sharp.

Collect and cut the salad:

  • We will also call these varieties lettuce and are especially suitable for growing on the balcony. The salad does not form a classic cob, but rosettes of leaves. If you always pick the outer leaves, new ones will always grow back.
  • These include Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondo, and red and green oak leaf lettuce.

Lamb salad:

  • Lamb’s lettuce is frost-resistant, so you can provide yourself with healthy leafy greens all year round, even with a balcony
  • Here you can also harvest the upper leaves so that the plant continues to grow from below.


  • The name refers to leafy vegetables that are picked very young and used to make salads.
  • These include young leaves of spinach or Swiss chard.


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