The perfect duo: asparagus and fruit

Soon, asparagus will appear on the menu in many different forms: as a cold or warm appetizer, as a velvety soup or with the main course in boiled or fried form, as a “main player” or as a side dish. Here’s the winning asparagus and fruit team: Vegetables have a distinct but not overpowering aroma. Therefore, it goes well with fruity shades. Spring leaps of joy delight the heart and palate with an asparagus salad with watermelon. It is perfectly marinated in garlic oil and tomato vinegar, in the “Salat Universal” dressing it provides an exquisite taste and the right combination.

As a side dish, asparagus is also ideal for international cuisine. For example, with tandoori salmon with sweet and sour vegetables baked in the oven, it finds the right partners in leeks and carrots. Together with Wiberg Basic Wok’s sweet and sour sauce and premium peanut oil, the asparagus creates a great Asian flavor profile. Authentic finishing is done with Gomashio coarse.

Tandoori salmon with Asian vegetables in the oven.

Tandoori salmon with Asian vegetables in the oven.

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Asparagus for dessert

The kitchen prodigy can also be found on one or another dessert menu in the form of asparagus ice cream or asparagus creme brulee. If you want something simple, fast and at the same time unusual, surprise your guests with caramelized asparagus with cheese and passion fruit and strawberry salad. Green asparagus fried in butter, slightly caramelized and refined with vanilla gourmand. Fresh strawberries are seasoned with AcetoPlus Passion Fruit and Almond Oil Plus Orange. On the finish, “Sweet Fruity – Strawberry Lime Flavor” provides a strong strawberry taste and a light acidity of freshness.

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