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Evi and Saki Palioudis serve Greek tapas: tzatziki, garlic bread, black-eyed bean salad with mackerel, dakos salad and calamari.
Evi and Saki Palioudis serve Greek tapas: tzatziki, garlic bread, black-eyed bean salad with mackerel, dakos salad and calamari. Photo: Tino Lex

Regensburg.Sakis Mezes in Regensburg serves Greek tapas of excellent quality. If you stay here, you should take plenty of time to enjoy and socialize – and book in advance.

Anyone who thinks that all Greek restaurants are the same is wrong at Sakis Mezes on Gabelsberger Strasse. There is no Athena grill plate, no Poseidon fish plate, and no one walking around with a bottle of ouzo. Under the motto “Greek cuisine with a difference”, it serves a variety of dishes on small plates. You can make the menu to your taste, like in a tapas restaurant.

The decoration also lacks Greek kitsch. Wooden chairs and tables are kept in a simple gray-green color. A large chestnut tree creates a pleasant shade over the outdoor recreation area. The rectangular bowls in which the food is served are glazed in a fashionable style – simple and modern.

When it comes to tapas, there’s always the question of how much to order. The Sakis Mezes menu recommends three to four dishes per person. We order grilled beef liver, garlic pita bread, Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, pepperoni and olives, goat cheese cutlets with onion marmalade, grilled artichokes, garlic potatoes, smoked mackerel, black-eyed peas and onion salad, as well as ladotyri – it is a hard cheese from the island of Lesvos that is preserved in olive oil. We will accompany this with a bottle of Malagasy, a wonderful Greek white wine with a slightly golden color and aromas of peach and citrus.

I try garlic potatoes and immediately think of a vacation on the Adriatic. The quality of the food is consistently excellent. The liver is as tender as butter, and the juice is beautifully flavored with orange. Goat cheese is fragrant and melts in your mouth. Sweet onion jam creates a perfect contrast. Salads dressed with vinegar and oil – simple, but tasty. The highlight is the baked Ladotiri: spicy and crispy on the outside. However, it is very filling very quickly. There is still room for galaktoburekko, a puff pastry filled with vanilla and semolina.

Tip: don’t order everything at once, but try everything: from appetizers to fish and meat. Pleasure and being together are very important here.

Information about the restaurant:

Address: Sakis Mezes, Gabelsbergerstrasse 14, 93047 Regensburg, tel. 094120914096.

Hours of work: Tuesday-Saturday from 17.30 to 23.00, Sunday and Monday are closed.

Special information: There are quite a few tables in the restaurant. You must make a reservation. Due to the nearby indoor pool, barrier-free access is available until 10:00 p.m.

Prices: side dishes from 2.50 euros; salads from 4 euros; Meat and fish from 2 euros per piece.

“Inn” – that is, dear reader, a picture. Description of the dish, – mostly – a pleasant memory of the taste and atmosphere. So a subjective thing, advice that recommends you: go there, form your own opinion.

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