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By keeping your fridge in order, you can keep track of supplies, benefit from a longer shelf life and do something good for the environment. Here’s how it’s done.

At the latest, when the almost-empty pack of Parmesan cheese is frozen to the back of your fridge or you can no longer see if your salad is still fresh because of all the beer bottles in the veggie section, you need to clean up. It also earns karma points in terms of energy savings.

The coldest place in the refrigerator

The coldest places in the refrigerator are along the back wall and above the bottom shelf. Chilled food should not touch the back wall of the refrigerator, otherwise it will freeze. Perishable products, such as meat, can be placed on the lower shelf because of the cold level.

On glass shelves

The best way to arrange the refrigerator upside down is to store ready meals and baked goods at the top. It could be part of your dinner yesterday or a piece of pie.

Dairy products like cheese and yogurt are at the center of your fridge. And meat, fish and sausage products, as described above, down.

In the box for vegetables

The vegetable drawer has enough space to store salad, vegetables and fruits. Make sure that not all types of vegetables are allowed in the refrigerator. Vegetables that contain water, such as tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers, should not be stored in the refrigerator, as they will lose their flavor.

In hanging bowls

Hanging bowls on the door are suitable for butter, cheese and eggs. There may be a piece of Parmesan cheese that you grated onto the pasta. You can also store straws, sauces and small jars or glasses here.

The same goes for small tetra packs and bottles, of course, like lime juice for salad dressing. At the bottom of the door are large bottles and your (plant) milk. It is best to have a maximum of 1.5 liters so that they are not too heavy.

In the freezer

If your refrigerator has a freezer, you can store frozen foods and make ice for drinks.

Seal your products

It is best to store oily and greasy foods in closed containers in the refrigerator, and before freezing anything, check the food packaging for wet spots or holes.

It is best to freeze only a small amount so that the temperature of the already frozen food does not rise too much.

Energy saving tips

It is best to leave the layout of your refrigerator as it was delivered. If you rent an apartment, you may have instructions with a description. This ensures optimal divisions and locations according to the degree of coldness.

It is best to only open the refrigerator door for as short a time as possible and only as often as necessary. Of course, the faster you close the door, the less cold is lost. Food that is still warm or even hot should be allowed to cool completely before putting it in the refrigerator, so that it does not have to equalize the temperature, which consumes a lot of energy.

To keep your fridge working at its best, it needs to be defrosted regularly – ideally once or twice a year. Many modern refrigerators also have a vacation mode. It can also help you save energy.

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