THIS is how you can determine whether a melon is sweet and tasty – even in a supermarket

Melon is the perfect summer snack. But how to determine how useful melon really is? IMAGO/Pantermedia

They are just the perfect snack on a hot day: juicy, cold, delicious watermelons. Whether in between to cool down, as a delicious salad or liqueur or pureed in a smoothie, melon is always a good idea in the summer. Especially when they are beautifully ripe and sweet. Unfortunately, a melon is not just a melon. We tell you how in a supermarket you can determine whether the purchase is worth it in this case and whether the chosen watermelon is really worth the money.

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peel: A good watermelon always has a firm and symmetrical skin without dents, cuts or dents. Because the deformations are a sure sign that during ripening the watermelon was exposed to irregular exposure to the sun or water.

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Heavy melons are always sweeter

weight: Do you have two watermelons with the same flat skin? Are you the same height? Then choose the heavier one. Of course, you have to drag them home first. But the taste will reward you. The reason: the heavier the watermelon, the more water it contains and the riper it is.

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Even in a supermarket, you can determine whether a melon is tasty and juicy or not. IMAGO/photo only

Spots on the shell: Have you ever noticed that every watermelon has a spot on the rind? This is because the melon lies on the ground as it grows. For you, the spot is a good indicator of the ripeness of the fruit. The darker it is, the tastier the melon will be. Avoid watermelons with white or light green spots.

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Recognize female melons when buying – they are tastier

stem: Does the watermelon you want to buy still have a stem? Very good. Take a good look at him. If it is green, the watermelon was picked too early. A dry brown peduncle indicates a ripe melon.

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Sex: Yes, even watermelons have a gender. And we naturally like female melons more because they are sweeter and have fewer seeds. Male watermelons, on the other hand, are watery and have many seeds. And how can you determine the sex of the fruit? Female melons are spherical, male melons are quite elongated.

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