This is where we are at home: in this garden in Zatteldorf you forget time

OPEN”. The sign is visible on the street. The front door opens when pushed. We are standing in a corridor, and there is little to suggest that we are in the lobby of a cafe. Rather, it looks like any ordinary corridor. Someone lives here. Shouldn’t we knock, before opening the door to the living room?Nevertheless, we just walk in and immediately feel welcomed.

We are visiting Gabriele Ziegler, who opened her cafe “Geramis Oase” in a house in Satteldorf. With a dining room, adjoining room, kitchen, terrace and, above all, with tables in the garden with love. So if you want to have breakfast under the roses or enjoy a homemade cake, this is the place for you.

But let’s start from the very beginning: a few years ago, Gabriele Ziegler changed her career, which now turned out to be very happy. Because after much thought, it became clear to her that she needed to open a cafe and apply the knowledge she had gained as a certified nutritionist, nutritional and vitals consultant. It was also practical that the family home in Satteldorf was currently empty.

But it is not that simple: it was necessary to find many contacts with the responsible offices and administrations before all the permits were submitted and received.

My grandfather comes from a family of gourmets

There used to be inns in the center of Satteldorf. Grandfather also grew up in a gastronomic family in Zatteldorf, says Gabriele Ziegler. But then there was a lot of empty space in the city center. But now Crailsheimer Straße is once again a meeting place, a place where souls can rest. A place where you can have breakfast and coffee, and find something in between to satisfy your hunger. “It would be great if my coffee and tea room could help revitalize the lower downtown,” says Gabriele Ziegler.

And he constantly emphasizes that a coffee shop is not just a coffee shop. It is also a tea room. Here they offer a variety of blends of herbal teas. Many rare herbs and special plants can be found in their herb and medicinal plant garden. And yes, it happens that someone needs advice. “Then I’ll see if I have any tea.”

The garden in general: most of what Gabriele Ziegler offers comes from it, not just herbs. Also vegetables for quiche or berries and fruit for cake. And the homemade salad is decorated with several edible flowers – pink roses, yellow nasturtium, orange calendula. “It should look beautiful and interesting. As you know, the eye eats with you. It is important for me to allow all senses to flow into the culture of pleasure,” says Gabriele Ziegler. That’s why the dining room smells like herbs, that’s why there’s a flower on the coffee cup holder, that’s why you can hear soft music or noise from the garden in the background, birds chirping, wind chimes.

Trees, beds, colorful watering cans

Because, sitting outside, you can enjoy nature in the center of Zatteldorf: the garden has fruit trees, the lawn is bordered by grass beds. Flowers are blooming there, insects are buzzing and in bright fountains they write about the benefits of this or that plant – lavender for insomnia, for example, or peppermint for digestion.

The cafe opened six months ago, the Ziegler family did not advertise. “It’s all about word of mouth,” says Gabriele Ziegler proudly, as the store is open. It is better to reserve a place for the Satteldorf vitality breakfast or for a cozy coffee hour in the garden. “And whoever does this, he also sits down at the lovingly covered table.” What do the guests think? “They’ll be back,” says Gabriele Ziegler. “And they say: they forget time in my garden.”

The dishes on the menu are mainly vegetarian

Map Geramis Oase, Café, Teestube und Dorfladen at Crailsheimer Straße 4 in Satteldorf is simple: breakfast is available from 10:00. At lunchtime there is soup of the day or vegetable quiche, salads and whatever the garden has to offer. Therefore, the dishes are mainly vegetarian. Breakfast and lunch must be ordered in advance. In the afternoon there are several homemade cakes and pies to choose from. Reservation by phone 0 15 20 / 1 06 48 09 (answering machine). It is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 and the same time on the first and third Sunday of the month. uts


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