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Status: 30.06.2022 12:02

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the grain harvest began earlier than usual. It usually doesn’t start until about a week later. According to the farmers’ association, the reason is the prolonged drought.

Especially in the south and center of the country, farmers began threshing winter barley, since winter barley always ripens first. For example, in the fields south of Teterov in the Rostock district, in the Ludwigslust-Parkhim district and in the Iker-Randov region, the harvest has already been harvested. As a rule, grain harvesting in the country does not start before the beginning/middle of July. According to farmer president Detlef Kurrek, the grain is already ripe. It stops growing and turns yellow prematurely because the plants don’t get enough water. It also affects yield and quality. Under the influence of heat, cereal grains harden prematurely, shrivel or remain underdeveloped.

A crop loss of up to 40 percent is expected

Harvest conditions vary greatly in the different regions of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Kurrek said on NDR MV Live. In disadvantaged regions, there was a risk of crop loss of up to 40 percent. Farmers “walk the fields and bring what can be brought.” Farmers were still optimistic in the spring thanks to the rains in April and May, but unfortunately June changed their minds. However, the provision of proper nutrition is not threatened. Winter barley is currently being harvested, which is mainly used for animal feed and exported.

Potato and fruit producers are also worried

Potato growers also suffer from the lack of rain. Potatoes are blooming now, and this is when they need the most water. Otherwise, the tubers will not be able to develop optimally and will remain small. Some potato growers in the country have invested in expensive irrigation systems. However, they are not worth considering in regions where local water resources are insufficient, emphasizes Rolf Hornig from the Mecklenburg Fruit and Vegetable Association. The same applies to farmers who grow lettuce, kohlrabi or carrots outdoors. There, too, many irrigation systems are working at full capacity. In apple orchards, the trees, which have deeper roots than other fruit and vegetable crops, have sufficient water. But farmers are anxiously waiting for July and August. Then the apple tree needs a lot of water so that its fruits grow large enough.

Further information

The tractor drives the seeder across the field, dragging a big cloud of dust behind it.  Photo: Jens Büttner/dpa

Farmers in MV are waiting for rain. In regions with light sandy soil, crops show the first signs of damage. more

There is a flower strip near the field.  © NDR Photo: Wilhelm Purk

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Young blades of grass stuck in dry soil © Colourbox Photo: Phimchanok

The deep layers of the soil especially suffer from a lack of water. Trees with deep roots are especially affected. more

A drone view of a tractor that cultivates the land.  © Photocase photo: Ramon Simona Pujado

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