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You know it’s summer when the garden is bubbling and the tantalizing, hearty aroma of freshly grilled food wafts through the air. Our best shish kebab recipes show that shish kebab not only feeds the desire for meat, but also offers almost limitless culinary delights for plant-based food lovers. vegan barbecue pleasure.

the delicacy of vegetable kebabs

Almost any type of vegetable is suitable for fiery, crunchy pleasure. Most are in season throughout the summer so are available in areas such as Corn on the cob, eggplant, pepper, zucchini, fennel, tomatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, onion or mushrooms. Fruits, such as Watermelon, apple, pear, pineapple or avocado.

Steak and bratwurst go very easily vegetable protein suppliers as tofu, tempeh or seitan replaced And you can’t do without the pleasure of gently melting cheese on a vegan barbecue, because the choice on the shelves of supermarkets is growing. vegan grilled cheese based on almonds, cashews or soy.

Vegan barbecue goodies: marinade, sauces and salads

From Mediterranean herbs to oriental spices – on marinade there are no limits to creativity. The same with salads and sauces: hummus, ajvar, Guacamole, muhammara and chutney are purely vegetable in nature and can be varied at will. But it is also mandatory zaziki and mayonnaise can also be made vegan with plant-based alternatives such as soy yogurt or milk. With salads, you can give free rein to your creativity and experiment with sophisticated compositions of flavors from spicy to fruity.

Leave us alone fiery vegan grilling recipes inspire!

Top 10 Vegan Grilling Recipes

Top 7 vegan barbecue sauces

Top 7 vegan barbecue salads

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