Traveling by train on holiday – what you need to know about catering on the road

The railway at the Brauner-Hirsch crossing (Photo: Ahrensburg-Portal)

The holiday and travel season has begun in the north. This year, especially many people will travel by train and nationwide ticket for 9 euros. Delicious food is an important component of feeling good when traveling by train and a successful start to your vacation.


Many people ask themselves the question before traveling by train: what is the best thing to take with you to eat and drink on the road? There are a few things to consider, especially when traveling long distances. With your own food boxes, you can save a euro or two and save on packaging waste.

Tips for delicious food while traveling:

  • Bring plenty of drinks: water, light sprays, unsweetened teas and coffee are especially good – you can even adjust the amount of juice for spritzers as you see fit.
  • Energy against lows: pack snacks like nuts and dried fruit – it’s best to make your favorite mix and put it in a screw-top jar
  • Something fresh in between: Choose fruits and vegetables that don’t need to be cut, e.g. B. small tomatoes and carrot sticks, grapes and other berries or whole fruits such as bananas, apples and pears
  • When you get hungry: Whether it’s a variety of sandwiches or wraps, salads or whole meals with sides – boxed and cool with ice packs, snacks stay fresh on the go, even on long trips

Don’t forget to plan and cool down

“Cold is very important, especially for perishable foods, so that the holiday does not start with gastrointestinal problems and nausea. Spoilage can happen quickly, especially when the temperature rises,” says Selvighan Benda, head of food and nutrition at the Consumer Advisory Center for the Land of Schleswig-Holstein.

Text: Verbraucherzentrale SH / editors, photo: Ahrensburg portal

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