Valuable tips on how to spend a perfect day without money

A perfect day might look like this: early in the morning, you let the sun wake you up, drink a glass of water (room temperature if you like), and then head outside for a long hike. For many, of course, it would be the most beautiful thing in the mountains. You meet at least one person to go with, because it’s more fun in company. After all, you can chat and enjoy a snack from a backpack together.

After lunch, a siesta is on the agenda. In the meadow, with bare feet. It is good for the sun to shine on your hands and body, look at the sky and breathe deeply. On the way back, it’s important to keep an eye out for wild plants that will enrich the salad tomorrow at noon. Back home, the backpack is packed and the hiking shoes are cleaned. This is a good time to review the day. Filled with conversation and nature observations, it’s easy to skip dinner. Time to sleep long before midnight.

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If there was a scientific method of measuring the physiological and psychological values ​​of that day, the results of the measurements would probably go beyond the scale of the meter. Because all the activities listed in the description of the ideal day bring benefits for well-being, which have been determined by scientists. This is convincingly proven by numerous observations, studies and research.

The best part is that all of the activities on this perfect day cost little to nothing (except for the gear you use and assuming you didn’t travel long distances to get to the trailhead).

But even if you live in a big city, far from the mountains, you can spend such a perfect day: even if you start from the driveway, you can find trails in the area that you don’t know yet and that lead through amazing Natural impressions are surprising. Frankfurt, for example, the main metropolis, is full of them. The banks of the Main have meanwhile become a hugely attractive local recreation area, with plenty of nature to observe and even wild plants to pick at any time of the year.

So it’s hard to find reasons not to have such a perfect day. But on the contrary. In times of inflation and skyrocketing energy prices, things that cost nothing become more and more attractive. They relieve the wallet and make stressful waiting at airports or train stations unnecessary.

Of course, all this is not new. Even in ancient times, philosophers were engaged in the right way of life. In his “Philosophy of Joy”, Epicurus summarizes one of his thoughts as follows: “Thanks to Walter’s praised nature for creating what was necessary within easy reach, but what was difficult to reach turned out to be unnecessary!” An insight that is unexpected. , especially updated nowadays.

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