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Let us help you grow your business to create effective and engaging corporate workshops, in as little as 3 working days! Join our platform at no cost today!



Are you looking for an additional income stream for your business? With the"new normal" in the post COVID-19 era, we understand the urgency for business to move to other channels to build new avenues of income, with minimal interruptions. Change is never easy, so let us help you through together in the transition to a new era.

Firstly, our platform is free to join, thus empowering you with the decision to venture into workshops.

Secondly, we do not only provide help in getting clients but we are also dedicated to building a seamless environment for you when you are using our platform, with more functionalities coming your way.

Thirdly, we want to help take most of the work of marketing and finding clients out of your hands, while you focus on the important matters of running your business and building your next sustainable stream of income.

It's Free

List your services on our platform for free! Simply create a profile and you're good to go!


We are committed to developing tools & provide assistance to make your experience seamless.


Build another stream of revenue through these workshops by sharing your unique skills.



Our mission is to empower small businesses with the ability to create corporate workshops as a new revenue stream. Some of the benefits of joining us include:

-Tapping on to our promotional campaigns on our marketing channels

-Easy-to-use functionalities allow companies to find you easily

-Solving all your logistics and administrative needs in creating a workshop

-Allowing you to have your creative freedom

-Learn from our marketing advice and tools included

-Free simulation training to prepare for your first workshop

While you focus on getting your A-game to conduct workshops for them, we focus on delivering the right platform, venue and clients to you. Together with your skills, we will be able to create experiences that delights them.

Promotion Channels

Joining us will give you access to our marketing channels, where we will actively promote our platform and your services. Save on your marketing costs!

Search Function

Companies will select activities based on several inputs on our search function. We will then coordinate the requests and get in touch with you.

Admin Service

Venue bookings, Indemnity forms, Communications & Payments. This are few of the processes that we will cover for you to focus on your business.

Creative Freedom

Decide on the type of curriculm to pass down actionable skills to your client. After all, you know what is best to showcase your business and passion.

Marketing Advice

Marketing advice and tools will be interweaved into our platform to help you reach out to a wider audience on top of our own marketing campaigns.

Simulations Training

First time conducting a workshop? We offer free coaching sessions to prepare you on your journey to build a steady stream of revenue.



To enable us to assist you to come on board quickly, we have created an application process that can be done online to set up your account and activities as fast as possible.

Did we mention that it is absolutely free to join our platform? Find out how you can join us in 4 simple steps at no cost!

  • #1 Contact Us

    Get in touch with us with the contact form below by giving us some basic details that we require to get in touch with you!

  • #2 Submitting Action Plans

    After getting in contact, you would need to prepare some details for us to be filled in a sample template which will be emailed to you. In addition, if you are facing any questions or trouble, you may arrange a consultation session any time so that we can help you answer your queries.

  • #3 Scheduling

    Once your details are approved, we would require your availabiities for the next 2 months in order for us to match you with an incoming request. Letting us know your availabilities will effectively increase the engagement rate of clients to choose your activity and we strongly encourage this.

  • #4 Keep in Contact

    After all the initial set up is done, we'll actively market and get requests on your behalf. Once an interested client is on board, we'll get in touch and reconfirm your availability and details. So just sit tight and wait for the deals to roll in.

Be Our Vendor Today

Rest assured we will get back to you within 1 working day with the next steps on becoming our vendor! Fill in the contact form and start your first step in building a secondary revenue stream with Teambuilding Labs.


Most frequent questions and answers

Simply contact us via the form and our team will be in touch within 1 working day.

As mentioned, you just need to fill in the contact form. After that, we will guide you through step-by-step on the document (A template to fill in with details of your proposed workshop) that are needed to onboard you as a vendor.

In addition, we may require some high resolution pictures of your business activity for marketing purposes.

We will publish your activity and business on our platform and our marketing campaigns will kick in to draw interested clients on board. In the future, we will add functionality to our product in order for you to promote your account on your own channels as well.

Yes, it is absolutely free for you to join our platform. We do not and will not incur any hidden costs to join our platform.

In essence, we are an aggregator of team building activities. Vendors join us to be visible to potential corporate clients and vice versa. Hence joining our platform would be the quickest and most affordable way to reach out to corporate clients to showcase your workshops. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email Alternatively you can ask your questions in the comments section in the contact form while applying!

We will be upfront to our vendors on the payment process once you have matched with a client. Prior to this, you will not be expected to make any payments to us.