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Virtual Team building Activities

From virtual team strategy activities and drumming sessions, let us help you raise your team's morale and productivity in just 1 hour! Scroll on down to find out more!

What are SOME types of virtual team building activities i can expect?


A Virtual Team Building Session of Team Strategy Games from Teambuilding Labs

TBL Team Strategy Games

Discover our self-created games that are inspired by classic icebreakers and modern team building games. Work together to solve problems and find out more about each other in the process.
A Music Workshop With Drums and Percussion

Dhunn Drumming Sessions

Get connected with your peers through the power of music with an experienced instructor guiding you through the virtual musical session. You might be surprised at your hidden musical talents!
A Picture of a Drama Workshop

SMU StageIT Improv Sessions

Our improvisation classes are developed and used by actors that will be helpful in lifting your spirits and connecting with your friends. Exercise your creative muscles and improve your presentation skills!



We understand that team building activities are still an essential way to bring teams closer and we want to help you achieve that in this uncertain period.

In our virtual team building packages, we offer exciting online team building activities of various elements to cater up teams of up to 30 pax.

All our unique activities have been tested and rehearsed with multiple audiences to give you the peace of mind when you book these online team buidling activities for the full enjoyment for your team.

Scroll down to find out what you can expect and the different type of activities we have in store!

Activities Galore

We have virtual sports, music and team strategy activities can be conducted online.


We have experienced facilitators to guide you through the journey of cohesion together.

Improved Teams

These activities will help teams gain a deeper understanding and forge stronger bonds.

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Rest assured we will get back to you within 1 working day for us to kickstart planning your unique team bonding activities with Teambuilding Labs today! Fill in the contact form and get the ball rolling!


We have listed some activities that you may choose from above. Do contact us and we’ll be in touch with you with the full list of activities and how you can choose them in our following email.

We are currently looking at participating to be at a maximum of 30 pax. This is due to the nature of the online meeting and we want the best experience for all our participants.

Of course! We also have our own video conference solution, Zoom, as a backup solution in this case. We would be using Zoom’s breakout room function for certain games!

This would depend on the type of activities that you have chosen. Some activities require minimal preparation in order to have a smooth flow within the virtual team building activities.

Of course, we provide a minimum of 1 facilitator who will be bringing you through the 1 hour of activity time! All you need to do is schedule the time, give us some information based on the activities chosen and just turn up on the actual day that we have scheduled!

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