What can be done against high temperature in the apartment

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Summer is here and the temperature is rising. However, the inhabitants of the attic are less pleased with the warmth. This is the best way to stay there.

Kassel – Nowhere is warmer in the summer than in an apartment – at least from the point of view of many people who live in the attic. When the temperature rises outside, it becomes almost unbearable under the roof. Blessed is he who has air conditioning. But even if you don’t have air conditioning, you don’t have to think about moving. Because there are several ways to keep your upstairs apartment pleasantly cool even in the height of summer.

Engineer Luka Danilo Arents reveals to the magazine the reason for the enormous heat in attic apartments businessinsider.de: On the one hand, it is known that heat rises because warm air is lighter than cold air. On the other hand, it depends on the location of the windows and the roof. Thanks to the slope, much more sunlight enters the apartment than the lower floors.

People living under a roof especially suffer from high summer temperatures.  How do you handle the heat?
People living under a roof especially suffer from high summer temperatures. How do you handle the heat? © Gerd Wolpert/Imago

Heat in attic apartments: block sunlight

According to Arenz, the easiest way to expel the sun, and therefore the heat, from the apartment is to keep it out. Therefore, it is best to darken the windows. According to the expert, lowering the blinds during the day can have noticeable changes.

If you don’t have blinds or window shutters, you can use reflective protective films. There are special solar protective films that can be attached to the window glass from the inside or outside and give off heat. Noisy fensterbau-ratgeber.de the temperature inside can be reduced to 80 percent. However, the film also blocks the sun on cold days of the year, so more heating is needed in winter.

Engineer’s tip: rescue tape from the first aid kit in the car. Because, according to Arenz, they are “highly reflective” and therefore perform as well as more expensive sunscreens. This may seem a little temporary, but the unused film has the great advantage that it can be easily removed if necessary.

  • 5 tips to beat the summer heat:
  • darken windows: With roller shutters or shutters, film that reflects sunlight, or, if necessary, thin fabrics.
  • Ventilate only at night: Keep closed windows closed during the day. Ventilate early in the morning and late in the evening.
  • Drink plenty of water: Mostly important, but important at high temperatures.
  • Don’t eat too hard: Instead of pizza, hamburgers or gravy, eat light meals such as salad, fruit or vegetables. Several times a day.
  • Pay attention to body temperature: Don’t drink drinks with ice, even if the heat tempts you to do so. This stimulates the body’s own heat production. The same applies to the shower: warm, not icy.
  • Source: utopia.de

Like an umbrella: solar systems on the roof also help from the heat

Another adjustment screw that can be turned in the fight against the heat is the roof. The solar system can help, for example. Such a photovoltaic system is undoubtedly useful for two reasons: not only because the sun’s rays are converted into energy. The complex also acts as a kind of umbrella. The radiant power of the sun, which would otherwise hit the roof uncontrollably and penetrate further into the apartment, is slowed down by it.

Insulation also plays a role in indoor temperature: environmentally friendly insulation material made of wood fibers is very promising. However, it is usually not cheap. And: Both the mounting of the solar panels and the insulation are usually in the hands of the landlord. However, sometimes tenants have the right to expensive heat control measures: if the temperature in the apartment is constantly above 26 degrees Celsius, the reason may be a material defect. And the landlord has to fix it, as expert Arenz knows.

The air conditioner is the most effective weapon against the heat in the apartment – but at what cost?

If the apartment is still hot, despite darkened windows, etc., only an air conditioner will help. Its installation is as expensive as it is cumbersome. Here, too, tenants can be installed only with the owner’s permission, and mobile devices, so-called “monoblocks”, in which warm air is usually blown out of the window through a hose, can be installed in the apartment without any problems. But they are bulky and noisy. And also real devourers of power.

A more environmentally friendly and cheaper option is to simply build an air conditioner yourself. To do this, cover the fan with a damp (not wet) cloth to at least briefly cool the air in the room.

Heat often affects health. The result is fatigue, lack of concentration and circulatory problems. Here you can find out what you can do to stay in shape during the summer despite the high temperatures. (Romina Kuntse)

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