What do domestic crickets eat and what to feed them?

Crickets often serve as food for terrarium animals. When vacationing in hot areas, they can often cross your path. But what do crickets actually eat?

Simply explained: what do house crickets eat?

Crickets are omnivores. In nature, they return to everything that is offered to them. Since they never know when they will have something to eat next, they often eat a variety of things. This is how you feed yourself plant and animal. They do not stop at carrion or other species because they are cannibals. When a house cricket sheds its skin, it can be eaten by another cricket, but only if there is nothing edible nearby. In general, crickets like to eat fruits and vegetables. They eat carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, pears, kiwi, grapes or strawberries. Their menu includes small insects, which they willingly eat. Sometimes pet crickets attack dog, cat or fish food if it is not stored properly.

What to feed domestic crickets?

If you have a terrarium at home and you feed your lizards or other inhabitants of the terrarium with crickets, then you should also take care of live food. Since your terrarium animals eat pet crickets directly, they get nutrients from them. Make sure that your pet crickets always receive a balanced diet. Therefore, a healthy cricket is an asset to your terrarium animals. There is a special Feed for crickets from a pet storewhich you can feed your crickets. But they also like wheat bran or oatmeal. To provide them with vitamins and minerals, you can go to cucumbers, apples and carrots put. They also like to eat greens. If there is food left over, remove it from the cricket’s house. Domestic crickets like to eat in a clean environment. In order to keep the environment clean all the time, it is worth feeding the animals only every two or three days.


In the wild, house crickets feed on everything that comes their way. Plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, as well as carrion, small insects, and other molts. If you want to feed pet crickets at home, you can feed them fruits and vegetables. Special food for crickets can also be offered in combination with food for dogs, cats or fish. Also find out what grasshoppers eat.

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Image source: pixabay.com/Kerolainy

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