Why women choose to live as farmers

Farmer Yvonne Lang, who also works as a flight attendant, with Rocky and Ruby on her farm in Weissenstadt
Image: Dominik Wolniok

Low food prices, countless regulations, hard physical work: why women still choose to live as farmers.

ANDOne day in the early summer of 2018, Yvonne Lang stood at the edge of her field in a small village in Upper Franconia and became angry. A cloud of pesticides swept over the field. Her tenant was watering potatoes from a hose, she didn’t mind that she and her children were standing nearby. “I had had enough,” Lang recalls today, four years later. She decided to cultivate her 37 hectares herself from now on, using organic farming, as well as working as a flight attendant.

Some would laugh at her then. A flight attendant as an organic farmer, how is it supposed to work? “But I haven’t regretted it for a day,” says Lang. She is standing in her kitchen stirring a pot of chicken soup. She killed the chicken herself. She keeps a dual-purpose breed that is as good at laying eggs as it is at fattening. “But we eat very little meat,” she quickly adds. “And before death, animals have a glorious life.”


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